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Chapter 3: Building A Neo-Nazi Movement with Disqus

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@nandoodlesNandini Jammi

The unofficial Disqus guide to building your very own White Power community is here 👌🏻

Trying to build a community of engaged neo-Nazis? Here at Disqus, we have both the tools and the complete lack of desire to act on our T&C against violent hate speech. We’re the perfect enabler for you!

In this chapter, we’ll show you exactly how to foment fear and hatred of people who don’t look like you so you can grow and nurture an inclusive community of Nazis and their sympathizers.

When readers see that their comments have a direct influence on the content they are consuming, they become committed to your success and more willing to take actions that grow engagement on your site.

More engagement means more clicks, views and revenue 💰💰💰 — so you can build a sustainable business model simply out of your community’s desire to annihilate inferior races.

But how? Well, successful neo-Nazi communities don’t just happen on their own. Here’s how you can get started.

Step 1 — Encourage your readers to contribute

Publishers like Breitbart are excelling at this strategy by turning their readers into content contributors:

Here, we see can see how this reader has introduced the premise that black people are primitive creatures comparable to animals. Now, watch how this theme paves the way for a larger discussion questioning the humanity of black people.

Another reader enters the discussion with a rhetorical question:

“What did you expect from spear chuckers?”

Nice one! When you have readers engaging and asking each other questions, your discussion forum is off to a strong start.

In this particular example, one reader has jumped in with a potentially valuable social media idea: #FuckThatRacistNegro.

Remember that your readers are your best source of new marketing ideas — this is what we call “user-driven content.”

You can test this hashtag on Twitter and Facebook and see whether this is something that sticks. Don’t worry, if you can target “Jew Haters” on Facebook, you can target anything.

Step 2 — Build your audience

Now that you’ve found a compelling topic and an audience, how do you grow your readership? That’s the million-ruble question! To find the answer, let’s head back into the comments.

While earlier readers expressed opinions that Africans are inferior beings and possibly non-human mammals, some readers here have suggested the prospect of murdering black athletes and their allies at football games.

Your content marketing team could not ask for a more perfect testing opportunity.

Will the same readers who upvoted the #FuckThatRacistNegro hashtag also be interested in hanging globalists? You never know till you test it!

We’ve been focusing on “black Africans” in this post, but if you find that violence against one minority is helping your engagement numbers, try planning similar articles around other targeted minority groups:

  • Trannys — your audience is likely very concerned about their HIV rates
  • Dirty Jews — an evergreen source of content, endless repurposing opportunities
  • “Mus-cums”—timing is everything, so be sure to hold your articles until right after an attack of any kind to ensure maximum engagement

It takes time and patience, but as long as you keep a regular content schedule, you will be able to expand your audience beyond standard slavery nostalgists to include Holocaust deniers and anti-immigration xenophobes.

Although we offer curation and moderation tools, we recommend that you don’t use them because they are bullshit.

The most important thing is to keep that feedback loop going so your readers feel empowered to speak up about wetbacks.

Step 3— Take over the world!

Well, we can’t quite promise that ;) but we certainly have a robust set of tools to help you spread the message of white supremacy around the world for free.

SEO Optimized — Your readers views on faggots? Right at the top of Google. Boom.

Multi-Language Support — What’s “cuck” in Russian? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Cross-site web and email notifications — Your users will be pinged instantly to keep the debate around which minority group should be exterminated first going smoothly.

All this comes at no cost to you! With Disqus, we will support our service to you by placing ads on your budding neo-Nazi blog — so we can keep improving your user experience.

Final thoughts

No matter the topic, there will always be people that sit on different sides of the table. Embracing this as a strength can help foster a more inclusive environment where reader input is actively encouraged and welcome.

At Disqus, we won’t stop you. We are either tone-deaf, scared as balls of doing the right thing, or legitimately believe that the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires our privately held business to enable your violent and reprehensible views.

Whatever your angle, whether it’s denying the humanity of refugees fleeing war or generally building up the case to send Negros back to Africa, Disqus is here to help you build your very own neo-Nazi movement.

Next week, we’ll discuss tips for taking your exciting online movement offline!

Disqus currently hosts Breitbart’s comments section where hate speech like this is distributed and encouraged. Disqus is aware but so far, has declined to take it down in accordance with its own terms of service.

You can reach out to Disqus CEO, Daniel Ha and ask him to make the right decision. His email is daniel@disqus.com

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