Change Where you Buy From and Receive 10% Cashback in Cryptocurrency Today!by@ChrisHerd

Change Where you Buy From and Receive 10% Cashback in Cryptocurrency Today!

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Would you change where you buy products from to receive 10% Cashback in Cryptocurrency?

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This piece is about a product feature of my startup. We have investment from the CEO/Founder of the UK’s most disruptive £Billion business of the last 10 years. This product will exist within the next 3–5 months for you and anyone else to use.

The Second question is why wouldn’t you? Everyone purchases products online, why wouldn’t you do so through a reward based incentive scheme which enables you to accrue an asset from each thing you buy?

That is the world we are creating. Almost every response to that question is an overwhelming “YES!! No brainer!”, with one caveat. “Would it come from places we trust and currently purchase from?”

Those people excited by the idea of growing savings in Cryptocurrency through spending expect to be disappointed by the answer.

They never are

The goods will come from exactly the same places you are currently buying from, this is simply an additional reward on top of what you receive. Your habits don’t have to change but your rewards have the potential to grow exponentially.

To participate you don’t have to change who you purchase from, you only have to change where those puchases originate. You choice isn’t an either or, your cryptocurrency reward becomes an added incentivive on top of a product purchase you have already made.

By now, nearly everyone has heard of cryptocurrency

Not everyone knows how to buy it

Even if you want to participate it’s not the easiest thing to do. Things like Coinbase have helped expose a retail audience to purchasing but it is still something which the every day person is unlikely to be comfortable doing. It requires you to download an app and invest in a product you might not fully understand. Few people realise that you can buy fractions of whole coins, 0.00000001 Bitcoins for example.

We believe this removes those obstacles. There is no investment required, your Cryptocurrency is simply a reward on top of what you already receive. We are building a frictionless mechansim to expose the public to crypto assets, while removing any need for you to ever purchase any.

Worst case scenario

You make a purchase at the price you would have paid for a product anyway and you receive Cryptocurrency that you can sell immediately as a reward.

Best case scenario

You make a purchase at the price you would have paid anyway and you keep the cryptocurrency you receive then it rises in value before you sell it.

This is about education as much as it is about reward

We believe the whole world should experience the benefits of cryptocurrency for themselves and the best way to do that is to let you own it. That means providing you with a cryptographically secure wallet which is as easy to use as mobile banking. By providing you ownership of cryptocurrency, we believe that you can understand for yourself the opportunity which will increase interest.

By owning something you can understand its benefits and show you how easy it is to sell or exchange. Instead of trying to understand something that has been made to sound complex by the media we aim to show you how easy it is. Whether you believe in it or not, the value is there to see. This is a once in a century opportunity to particpate in a technology that is going to revolutionise the world.

You are already buying products and services, why would you not want more for your money? This allows you the change to accrue real wealth in a way which requires you to make no alterations to your existing habits.

You get to accrue a speculative asset at zero risk, while the upside is exponential. There are no limits to the wealth that you could accrue, or the amount of cryptocurrency that you could receive.

That is what we promise.

We are providing a ramp to the future of money and the internet by allowing you to participate for free. All you have to do is act the way you always have, while purchasing in a slightly more intelligent way.

Cryptocurrency is eating the world

This is the smartest, easiest way for you to own it


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