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Challenging conventional wisdom — Blockchain and Education

In the world’s developed countries, the field of education is of prime importance. This is because the future of all other areas of endeavour, such as science, medicine, agriculture, industry etc., is dependent on the country’s level of education.

As of today, many people still think blockchain is restricted to the creation of cryptocurrencies or the financial industry, which is not true. The benefits of the technology can be observed in many industries, with education being one of the most important and it is something that GALLACTIC Blockchain would like to address.

Blockchain making education simpler

The way in which educational institutes operate today is outdated. They risk losing or falsifying paper documents, a problem that can be easily solved by blockchain database. Every transaction is public, synchronized and encrypted, without the help of a middleman. It enhances the security, lowers cost and provides transparency. Blockchain can help ensure the important educational data is available to everyone at less cost and time.

Benefits of Implementing Blockchain:

1. Ease of sharing — students and employers can access documents (like degrees and related certificates) in the blockchain platform but only the owner will hold the rights to allow anyone to view the information.

2. Immutability — with blockchain, the information shared is the same and cannot be changed by anyone who is accessing the data.

3. No middleman — blockchain stores information in a secure way, getting rid of the reliance on third party institutions.

4. Lower costs — costs are reduced on printing and storing of information since the data can be accessed easily by everyone online.

5. Eliminating paper use — blockchain will save all the certificates and other student-related records without depending on a paper documentation process.

6. Financial accounting — blockchain technology will improve the calculating of scholarships for students, salaries for teachers and staff, providing a clear and unbiased mechanism for funding grants and projects.

7. Falsification of certification — due to the inherent security of blockchain technology, falsification of awards, diplomas, degrees etc. can be eradicated.

Overall, GALLACTIC’s blockchain technology can help solve many of the difficulties students and educational institutions face. It can allow people to share information with more ease, less cost and at a higher level of security.

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