Censorship Resistant Video Platform Ciph Now Accepting Monero by@ersun.warncke

Censorship Resistant Video Platform Ciph Now Accepting Monero

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Ciph, the premium social video platform built for privacy, security and censorship resistance, is now accepting payments in Monero (XMR).

Ciph provides users with an open uncensored platform that allows them to upload and share video, text and images. All Ciph users get 10GB of free credit every month but additional credit must be purchased.

Adding Monero as a payment option makes Ciph purchases available to privacy conscious users as well as strengthening the Ciph platform by diversifying its payment processing options.

How Monero Payments Work

When purchasing Ciph credit with Monero (XMR) users pay a fixed price of 1XMR per 10TB (10,000GB) of credit.

Pricing in XMR instead of USD makes purchasing simpler and easier for users. No currency rate conversion is required and the price is not affected by fluctuations in the currency markets.

To purchase Ciph credit with Monero users simply need to register/login and go to the “Buy Ciph Credit with Monero” section on the home page where they will find the wallet address and payment id to use.

Ciph’s automated payment processing systems check for new available transfers every second so credit will be applied immediately as soon as the transfer is complete.

Further Monero Integration

Accepting payments in Monero is only the first phase of integrating Monero into the Ciph platform.

In the future Ciph will be providing a mining pool that allows Monero miners to mine Monero and get paid in Ciph credit directly.

The ability to mine Monero and get Ciph credit will benefit small miners by allowing them to reap the rewards of mining immediately without long waits for minimum payouts and without having to pay transaction fees.

This will be followed by the release of Ciph desktop clients that include Monero mining software so that Ciph can further expand the base of small independent Monero miners while expanding access to the Ciph platform.

Why Choose Monero

With many different crypto currencies available, as well as the option of launching an ICO, Ciph chose to integrate Monero because of its strong community and track record on privacy and decentralization.

Ciph hopes to strengthen Monero further by offering a powerful and unique service that is priced in XMR and by bringing more small independent miners into the Monero network.

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