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Cannabis Industry on The Rise: How Guys Are Making Profit?

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Recently, there have been updates concerning the use and sale of cannabis within Canada and the US. These changes have facilitated the growth and expansion of the cannabis industry. Many of these changes are observed by the public since they can be traded on the stock market. 

The cannabis industry is mainly constituted by organizations that either promote or are directly involved in the research, growth, distribution, and sale of medical or recreational cannabis and its by-products.

Following its increasing legalization across the globe, cannabis has garnered more acceptance and interest. The major companies in the industry include and. This has however not been without conflict.

Between state and federal law in the US, the issues arising have posed an obstacle to the establishment of cannabis companies. These laws are however because the government is gradually recognizing that the industry has high revenue potential. The global market prediction puts the worth of the cannabis industry at $57 billion in the next 7 years.

As of March 2020, there has been a slowdown in stock price increase and funding of cannabis. The biggest names in the business have had their stock values relatively plateau in the wider market, however, this does not mean investing in the market is a bad idea. Within two years, the industry has grown by over $26 billion due to funding deals.

Though smaller companies deliver huge returns and losses in these few years, the bigger ones have witnessed a more stable performance. This stability has been quite surprising since volatility is a major feature of the industry.

Cronos Group and HEXO Stocks Are Doubled in 2019, Juicy Fields Creating a New Niche

There have been some leaps in stock value for some companies, with some even doubling in 2019. The Cronos Group succeeded in returning more than 107 per cent in 2019. This brought in a huge amount of attention, particularly when Altria Group, a huge deal in the cigarette industry bought a 45% stake in the company at $1.8 billion.

HEXO is another company whose stock doubled in 2019. It is a Canadian business that has seen exponential growth in this equally fast-paced market. Meanwhile, CanTrust Holdings are blazing upwards in value with a hike in over 103% in 2019. This smooth sailing is attributable to the fact that they deal majorly on cannabis oil-derived products.

A new way to capitalize is Crowdgrowing, the approach from Juicy Fields that allow making a profit from their plants for almost everyone. You can just buy their plant clones, the company will grow them, and sell all the staff, then you receive your share of the profit.

BTW, I bought a plant to test their platform:

Just to show you an example, on the date of publication, for those who want to try, there is a JuicyFlash strain that cost just €50 with expected €68 - €83 profit for crowdgrower. For those who are more serious, they have 3 plants for long-term, one of them is JuicyHaze, which costs €2,000 and will give 2 harvests per year for 5 years long, each harvest will make a €900 - €1,200 profit. CEO and Founder Alan Glanse said:

“Crowdfunding in Europe has already reached a significant level of growth, adoption and maturity. We decided to take that further. Crowdgrowing is not just raising money for project development, it allows you to take part in еру highly profitable but strictly regulated cannabis industry. We will be interesting to both investors and those entrepreneurs seeking funding who have great opportunities.”

With this idea, income does not rely on the state of the industry or general markets. It instead comes directly from the cultivator’s harvest. Headquarters of Juicy Fields are in Berlin, Germany.

Other Ways to Profit

There are other ways to make money from the cannabis industry. One way is to become a grower. Using this means, one can make a sizable profit each year. Growers are in charge of cannabis cultivation. To do this, cultivation must be legal in the state and one must obtain a license. Growing also requires significant investments and specific knowledge that can be acquired through years of experience. 

Opening a paraphernalia or product shop is another way to go. You can focus on selling edibles or cannabis oils. Paraphernalia includes vape pens, rolling papers and grinders. Cannabis-derived products are numerous, include hemp seeds, CBD oil and even bath and body products.

With this method, you also need to consider the licensing fees and state applications as well and may need a lot of money as capital. Background checks are often required. Not just for the owner but for investors and employees. A criminal record might prevent the granting of a license.

Disclosing of interest: I bought a plant on JuisyField, and If they will handle a crodfunding event I would consider to invest in the company as well. So I am interested in the grow of the company.


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