Can Superheroes And Comics Survive In Web3? by@rickyrathore

Can Superheroes And Comics Survive In Web3?

Cosmos Heroes is a GameFi ecosystem that relies primarily on the creation of animated superhero characters. Cosmos Heroes aims to bring the superhero gaming genre to [GameFi] using blockchain technology to optimize playing speed and efficiency. We want to empower every fanboy/girl and comic book artist with the ability to create a superhero of their dream. We allow a true intradimensional case of where through owning a [Cosmos Heroes NFT], you own an. utility heavy, interoperable character that can be used as a yield generating miner in the game, a. sociable avatar the metaverse, a comic series and our DAO, the council of the wise.
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The world as we know it today is significantly dependent on superheroes and the message that they inspire. To get a glimpse of this, all you have to do is look at their influence in our pop culture. The biggest movies in the world are all about superheroes and people who use their extraordinary abilities to help others in need.

It’s a truly inspiring story. In a world where things can sometimes be depressing, having superheroes that you can share your burdens with can sometimes help to foster a sense of belonging and hope.

It also helps that liking a superhero is no longer seen as a “nerd” thing. Back in the day, superheroes were only liked by kids who had social issues and couldn’t necessarily fit in or make friends. Today, some of the biggest rock stars are fans of comic books. It’s now the “cool” thing to be a comic book fan, and even adults are fine with having favorite comic books.

However, with the world now switching to a new internet module, it is worth asking ourselves whether this same love will be able to stand the test of time. Will superheroes really be able to survive the transition to Web3? Or will there be a shift that leaves them behind?

One of the most significant ways that we believe the former will be the case is through gaming. Blockchain gaming is one of the cornerstones of Web3, and a lot of game developers are creative kids at heart. Their love for superheroes can easily inspire them to build their own characters in gaming, and this could just be the perfect way to keep these characters fresh in our hearts.

An interesting project bringing this to life is Cosmos Heroes - a GameFi ecosystem that relies primarily on the creation of animated superhero characters. Cosmos Heroes is looking to bring the superhero gaming genre to GameFi, using blockchain technology to optimize playing speed and efficiency.

We spoke to Darren, Cosmos Heroes’ Lead Developer; and Mike Thomas - a former Creative Director at Marvel Entertainment who currently works as a Project Lead at Cosmos Heroes - about their objectives and what they believe the future could hold.

Questions to Darren

What was the vision behind Cosmos Heroes?

Darren: Our vision is to disrupt and innovate the superhero genre on the blockchain.  Firstly, we want to empower every fanboy/girl and comic book artist with the ability to create a superhero of their dream. Imagine owning a superhero created originally by you. Now, in addition to this, thanks to Web3, you can now have true ownership to your very own creation that belongs to you and can be passed onto your family and future generations.

How does this project differ from everything else in GameFi?

Darren: GameFi is an important segment of our whole ecosystem, but our ecosystem is  multiverse of experiences created to deliver the best user experience for superhero fans.

On the web3 front, in addition to gamefi, we have a metaverse, a comic series and our DAO, the council of the wise. We allow a true interdimensional case of where through owning a Cosmos Heroes NFT, you own a utility-heavy, interoperable character that can be used as a yield-generating miner in the game, a sociable avatar in the metaverse, and a character with lore and storyline in our comicverse.

To seamlessly bridge the Cosmos Heroes experience for our web2 fan base, we are partnering with worthwhile causes such as the Superhero Kids Charity, brightening up the lives of children in need with Cosmos Heroes characters designed to their dreams. After all, being a superhero, web3 or web2, is all about helping others!

Do you think the play-and-earn model works for your game?

Darren: The Play and Earn is a step in the right direction for all GameFi projects. Historically, play-to-earn games are just Defi protocols wrapped in a gamified shell we call GameFi and the users who embrace these protocols are profit maxis, not true gamers.

If you play a game, it should all be about entertainment and having fun. It’s about using your time to do something enjoyable rather than grind for rewards.

What is our secret recipe? The 3 games we are developing focus on balancing the gameplay quality, the community, and reward, without one dominating the narrative. Executionally, you can expect to see the integration of a plethora of best practice web2 gameplay elements such as global tournaments, esports teams that makes all Cosmos Heroes games fun and rewarding.

Questions to Mike

Could you tell us about your experience working with Marvel Comics? How did that help your transition into a Creative Advisor role at Cosmos Heroes?

Mike: I was a comic fan long before I worked at Marvel, so that was really a dream job.

I loved introducing the characters and stories to new fans, young and old, whether it was through video games, books, or even happy meals! Cosmos Heroes is giving me another chance to show new people how cool superheroes and their world can be, in a whole new way, with a hands-on experience.

How did you find out about Cosmos Heroes and what convinced you to join?

Mike: I met the Cosmos Heroes team through a charity, The Superhero Project, that I’m on the board of. Their artists created some cool new heroes for the kids we work with. I was fascinated with the idea of the way Cosmos Heroes is building this new world where the user creates and owns their own hero, similar to the kids who find their inner-hero at The Superhero Project. I’m looking forward to seeing the players’ imaginations at work!

What will your primary role be going forward?

Mike: I’ve been reading comics and comics history, and creating characters, stories and art for over 40 years! There isn’t anything I love to do more. I hope I can bring some of what I’ve learned to this new universe Cosmos Heroes is building, and infect them with my love for all things superhero. We can create a foundation that players can build from and grow for a generation.

What other outlets do you think Cosmos Heroes can explore beyond gaming?

Mike: Thousands of new heroes from thousands of imaginations all looking to build great stories together? There’s no path off-limits from there. I’m excited to collaborate with the CH team and with the players to see what forms from all of this creative energy swirling around. New powers, new teams, new gadgets… Once you have your very own hero, living, battling, and exploring a unique universe, why not make them as much a part of your life as Spider-Man or Batman? Read about them, wear them, hang them up on your wall, collect cards and figures of your hero and the greatest heroes they meet in the game.

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