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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Manager?

Artificial intelligence tech is sweeping businesses both large and small, taking over responsibilities, managing data, and influencing smart decisions. More than four out of five small business owners say their business could benefit from better tech but are not always sure of what they really need.

Not all businesses are created equal and every corporation’s scalability looks different; this means varying responsibilities, computing needs, and managerial tasks. Businesses may benefit from AI tech that focuses on project management. iCEO, a project management AI platform breaks a project down into smaller and easily trackable tasks, can hire freelancers and gig workers specialized to complete tasks, and maintains an encompassing move towards productivity. Large-scale demands of office management also get some AI power as seen from Managed By Q, though small, packs a punch and helps manage everything from invoices and task management to cleaning crew scheduling and maintenance services.

Choosing the right tech for your business requires a hard look at daily operations, identifying where managers are struggling and falling short, and implementing AI to pick up the slack. This infographic details the ins and outs of managerial AI and how to select the right options for any business.

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