Business Technology Trends That Will Shape Our 2018 by@brianwallace

Business Technology Trends That Will Shape Our 2018

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With 2017 winding down and the holidays winding up, it’s hard to remember that we are just a couple weeks away from a new year. Though it’s impossible to tell the future, the predicted 2018 business trends will be the all about compassion, communication, and nurturing relationships.

Smart companies understand the value of face to face meetings; they realize that social media will never replace in-person interactions. For 2018 expect to see a shift in how business interact with their customers, and even one another. Instead of looking to social media to replace in-person meetings, companies will be using social media to enhance the rare chances for a face to face meeting — and when they can’t, they’ll do it live via social.

2018 will stand as one of the early years of Generation Z entering the workforce. While millennials begin taking on more leadership roles in companies, they are making room for the next generation of young professionals. Businesses will have to work quickly this year to adapt to the rapidly changing demographic of their workplace and their consumers as well.

This year, let’s measure our success not by what we accomplish for ourselves, but how we help other succeed. Take a look at this infographic for more for the top business trends of 2018 to look out for and see why personal relationships with triumph.

[Predictions courtesy Ian Altman of Forbes]


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