Building an Online Covid Testing Application Using Eyesonby@eyeson
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Building an Online Covid Testing Application Using Eyeson

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Rex Solutions integrated eyeson as a highly scalable video platform in the Covid-19 testing app. Rex Solutions used the React Native developer framework that combines universal JavaScript frontend components with native code on multiple platforms including iOS and Android-based mobile devices.

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Since the start of the pandemic, covid-19 tests have become an integral part of many peoples’ routines in different countries. It has been the main resource to keep communities safe and restore normal business and leisure activities. eyeson and Rex Solutions joined forces to address the increased need for covid tests and mitigate costs and time involved. Making tests easily available unlocks activities, relieves stress and helps normalize business and leisure activities that are otherwise restricted.

An easy and quick solution for covid-19 online testing

The covid-19 app project presented several requirements such as easy access, traceability and tamper-proof storage of the video recordings for examination purposes. With only one integration on all devices, eyeson merges all participants, media & live data into one video stream in the cloud to guarantee constant low bandwidth to all devices and clients (max. 1 Mbits up/max. 1.5 Mbits down). It is this technology that enabled an easy and reliable setup for conducting the online PCR and Antigen tests.

The implementation was made possible with 2 elements

As the development partner, Rex Solutions showed notable authority and adaptability. They needed to accelerate development and implementation processes but had to consider that the eyeson SDK wasn’t yet released. The Rex Solutions mobile app is in React Native and for the video implementation, the solution came from the developers. In native mobile apps, any website interface can be shown by using the react native web view library. So two elements were needed to be implemented to embed it in the solution: the webserver deployment of the eyeson implementation and the react native web view.

eyeson provides a JavaScript library to help developers add their API easily to their projects.

Rex Solutions used the React Native developer framework that combines universal JavaScript frontend components with native code on multiple platforms including iOS and Android-based mobile devices. For the front-end, the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework Angular.js was used. With Angular.js, dynamic and interactive web apps can be efficiently built. To integrate video communication functionality eyeson provided a JavaScript library to easily integrate with the other components.

The web pages are managed by a web server where everything needed to manage the video recording is implemented. Specific actions were created as “Start the recording”, “start the stopwatch”, and “stop the recording” as well as instructions to create and join the virtual rooms. Moreover, this solution’s implementation allows sending streaming data to eyeson by using the library and also calling the REST APIs to store streaming responses in Rex Solution’s database.

Enabling user authentication on web and mobile applications

Developers used the web view library to keep user authentication on the web since in native mobile applications they are passing the user authentication and booking details data to the web server by using URL. The web server initiates a new session to keep the validity of the user by fetching user authentication data from this URL. Alert messages and guiding steps were also needed in the case of the covid tests where users have to follow a specific procedure and wait a specific amount of time to receive the results. The next challenge was to be able to view and listen to the alert messages from the webserver in mobile apps. For alert messages like the ringing notification after 15 minutes of recording, developers used the concept of JavaScript injection, as on both sides there was the advantage of JavaScript/typescript programming languages.

eyeson is a technology leader in cloud-based video communication. eyeson provides an API video service to easily integrate live video including live media, data and participants into any kind of use-case based on its unique patented single stream technology. To secure customers performance eyeson offers the service to manage cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management. eyeson provides browser-based video integrations on all desktop and mobile devices.

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by eyeson @eyeson.An API-based toolset to build browser-based workflows featuring live video, media and data in one single video interface
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