Build, Monitor and Troubleshoot Your Smart Contracts on RSK with Tenderly by@RSKsmart

Build, Monitor and Troubleshoot Your Smart Contracts on RSK with Tenderly

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Smart Contract Platform On Top of Bitcoin

Smart Contracts Monitoring Platform Tenderly has added support for RSK! Developers working with RSK can now make use of Tenderly’s seamless tools to enhance their development processes.

Tenderly helps developers build, monitor, and improve smart contracts by providing a set of tools to boost productivity, time-save, and make sure smart contracts are working as expected.

Why use Tenderly?

  • Track errors in your smart contract: 

Instantly find the line your transaction reverted on

  • Make Use of a visual debugger: 

Inspect the transaction execution with a couple of clicks

  • Inspect the state of your smart contract: 

See the state of your contract at any point in a transaction

  • Analyze your smart contracts:

You can analyze the behaviour of your smart contracts.

  • View custom metrics:

Every Smart Contract is unique. Record custom metrics unique to your contract.

  • Detect Smart Contract Gas usage:

Know how much gas your Smart Contracts use. Analyze gas usage with method-level precision.

  • Get Real-time Notification Alerts:

Be notified on any of your favourite channels like Slack, Email, etc. whenever one of your custom set rules happen.

  • Detect suspicious activity:

Know when your Smart Contracts are not used as expected.

  • Ensure a smooth running of your Smart contracts:

Make sure complex Smart Contracts work like clockwork.

Features of Tenderly

Tenderly’s simulation feature is the new best friend for DeFi developers, enabling:

  1. Changes to the source code of a Smart Contract before simulating a transaction
  2. Converting any address into a Smart Contract
  3. Test out bug fixes and improvements for historical transactions, or try new ones

“The Transaction suite is packed with time-saving tools including Execution Overview, Stack Traces, Events/Logs, Contracts, Visual Debugger, State Changes, and the Gas Profiler”.

Getting Started with Tenderly

Are you a developer building on RSK who needs to use Tenderly,  just choose a smart contract that is on RSK, and follow the steps below to get started.

Visit the link to Sign up to access the Tenderly dashboard.

View a short guide on How to Get Started with Tenderly.

For detailed steps on how to install the Tenderly CLI on macOS, Linux and Windows, push your smart contracts to tenderly and access your dashboard for smart contract monitoring: Read the 10 Ways to Save Time During Blockchain Development using Tenderly.


You can visit Tenderly to get started or View Tenderly on Github.

For additional information and support, visit the RSK/RIF Developers Portal and the RSK Open Slack Community to ask your questions!

By Owanate Amachree, Content Developer at IOVlabs


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