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Breathing Life into Bizly

Ron Shah, Bizly CEO

Meetings dominated my life for 14 years as a venture capitalist. They were essential and often. Sometimes they were mundane, but mostly they were portals of inspiration and facilitated the deepest moments of personal connection.

For a while, there was popular thinking that technology may reduce the need for meetings. In reality, the opposite happened: The need for meetings in business exploded. Video conference calls and text messages failed to replace the most essential elements of business. Today, meetings are often the prime indication of progress — someone pulling themselves away from their screen and traveling to see you in person equates to real progress. In this respect, perhaps the meeting is the quintessential of all business activities.

Worklife is changing. Technology has enabled remote and mobile working, often around the clock and around the world. Employers are no longer nervous about hiring the expert they need who resides on the other end of the country. People are spending more time with their families, less time in traffic and capturing many more moments in between. And when this independence has been coupled with highly engaged in-person group work sessions, productivity has soared.

Teams need these group sessions to be impactful and memorable. Desks and chairs just aren’t enough. Meetings must be potent experiences. Meetings must make a difference in the way your team members feel about themselves, their colleagues and the mission at hand. And employers need to provide the safest and most reliable ways to meet, while fulfilling their duty of care.

This is why we created Bizly.

Simply put, Bizly is a mobile app for instantly booking private meeting rooms at leading hotels. Yes, we optimize underutilized hotel inventory. But our heart and soul is much more than that. Bizly is the only platform that enterprises can confidently use and know that they will get a great meeting experience for their team. They will be treated nicely, have access to help when they need it, be able to order food & beverage and have all the technology and amenities they need right at their fingertips. Most importantly, if there is ever an emergency or problem, hospitality professionals are onsite 24/7 to take care of them.

In a fast-moving world, with employees constantly working on-the-go, we give enterprises the confidence that there is reliable workspace and meeting rooms at hotel brands they trust. At Bizly, our mission is to deliver extraordinary meeting experiences for enterprises. We want teams and clients to remember those meetings, and bring them closer to each other and the mission at hand.

In addition to helping enterprises, we are excited to bring the most cutting edge solution to the hospitality industry so they can serve this need in the most seamless, upscale and enjoyable way anyone has ever imagined. We help hotels both centralize and visualize their meeting room and workspace inventory, which is very difficult to book today through the manual process. With Bizly, hotels have a partner who understands how to deliver seamless and exceptional meeting experiences, with a focus on luxury and quality. Several of our hotel partners have already begun their converting bedrooms to workspaces and meeting rooms, powered by Bizly, and are ready for the hospitality service of the future.

By Ron Shah, Bizly CEO

Download the Bizly iOS app here (Android coming soon).


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