Brave Browser is taking the web by storm by@MaxenceCornet

Brave Browser is taking the web by storm

October 30th 2018 15,596 reads
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Maxence Cornet

Right now, without you knowing, many of the websites you browse every day are signed up as Brave Publishers

27k publishers exactly, and over 4.6M monthly active users for the web browser itself, for a project that started only 2 years ago. That’s impressive!

What is Brave again ?

Brave is a web browser with a focus on privacy, materialized by a built-in blocker for ads & trackers.

Furthermore, Brave introduces a few more features: A Tor tab integration, and a new advertising model for both browser users (get paid to opt-in for privacy-friendly ads) and content creators (get verified as a publisher, and you’ll earn BAT from you visitors using Brave browser, if they include your content in their payment settings).

It’s Brendan Eich (the creator of Javascript, Mozilla foundation) latest project.

Ok, and what exactly is a Brave Publisher ?


Introducing Brave Rewards

In the good old days, publishers created content and ads paid the way. But ad blocking has grown significantly over the last few years. Now over 500 million people use software to stop ads on their mobile and desktop devices.

How does it work?

Readers may choose a monthly contribution amount which is divided among the publisher sites they visit most. As Brave grows, so does your revenue. Here is the best part. Neither the readers nor the publisher need to do anything different. They just keep surfing and you just keep publishing.

Source: Brave publisher FAQ

When I first started reading about Brave, I learned that it was a new reward system for publishers and a new advertising model.

I wondered how many publishers there were, and who they were, but wasn’t able to find a list anywhere. This is why I scraped millions of websites/youtube/twitch channels and built, to find out who were signed up as Brave Publisher

That’s how I realized that Brave was taking the web by storm, without me noticing: So many of the websites I am using daily, either be at work (like, for entertainment (VICE’s Youtube channel**,** Vimeo**,** or as tools (DuckDuckGo**,** CoinMarketCap or have already signed up to be Brave verified publishers

Even the very website you are reading this post from, Hackernoon, is a verified publisher since October 2, 2018!


Now it’s time to surprise you: Let’s see how many websites that you are browsing every day have become Brave Publishers, I’ll just list some of the most popular ones below

Video streaming: - More then 17210 Youtube channels are verified Brave publishers, amongst them, some huge channels: Trap Nation, Bart Baker, Philip DeFranco, VICE, HowToBasic- Almost 3000 Twitch streamers are verified publishers- Vimeo

**Media**- The Guardian- VICE- WikiHow- Washington Post- Al-Arabiya- HackerNoon- SitePoint- LADbible- AndroidPolice-

**Privacy tools**- DuckDuckGo- HOLA- Qwant

Crypto-currencies related- CoinMarketCap- Coindesk- Coingecko- Cryptocompare

**Miscellaneous**- BitTorrent- APKMirror

Programming- FreeCodeCamp

**Porn**- Xhamster

Reader, let’s make a bet: If you’ve unknowingly visited at least 2 Brave Publishers today, you have to clap ;) You can find the full lists of Brave publishers on

Feel free to reach out on Twitter if you have comments or questions.Try out the Brave Browser:

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