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Known Bias

Media is built upon perspectives. Perspectives have insights, trustworthiness, and biases inherently built in.

The question isn't, can bias be removed from media? Because it can't. Without bias, whatever it is isn't media.

The question is, how does each media company address its biases?

At Hacker Noon, we want to call a spade a spade. Meaning, if a brand drives the story's production, the story should be accredited to the brand. Many brands employ many smart and capable technologists who put in hard work and long hours into writing great technology stories. We made the Brand as Author Program so that businesses can publish these quality technology stories. When a publisher is upfront that a brand produced a story, an advertisement is created in the author bio.

Brand as Author Story Page:

The Hacker Noon author bio includes 140 character description, 5 social network links and a prominent call to action button to anywhere sensical on the world wide web.

Brand as Author Profile Page:

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