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Bot Stable and Other Launch Notesโ€‚by@jare

Bot Stable and Other Launch Notes

Jarett Dunn Hacker Noon profile picture

Jarett Dunn

After weeks of fine-tuning strategy, configurable variables, some significant losses and some hopeful (albeit unfounded) results that ended up being improper logic & sheer luck, it looks as though we've achieved critical velocity...


The bot's strategy has moved from volume SMA crosses (based on the aggregate data from up to 16 exchanges - this is how the bot's true value shines through, and is different from other players on the field), to voume SMA crosses + a base+conversion cross on Ichimoku to confirm, then reversing signals from buy/sell to sell/buy.. afterwards, and finally, the bot relies for the most part on 2 hour's worth of VWAP and price, signals confirmed by volume SMA cross.

Any dev looking at my code would be disgusted - logic still exists for Ichimoku, there's patchwork, no comments, no tests...

... but the average crypto trader or enthusiast will only notice % gains, # days running and projected % compounding APR :)

The bot builds on and adds automated trading facilities. It has a beautiful interface and tons of configurable options to allow you to be as risky or risk-averse as youlike - and order sizing based on risked amount, SL, available margin, and price.


Note API keys are stored within localStorage in the browser, and never exposed to the network or server :)

My main issue of contension at the moment is how to use cross leverage and properlysize orders as well as set the SL and TP based on the movement of capital instead of % in progress!

That said, what are next steps?

1. We'll fine-tune the offer for subscriptions.

2. We'll get the closed-source code audited.

3. We'll start the first crowdsourced fund for bots.

4. We'll choose a referral campaign that's rewarding, makes sense, and non-scammy

Right now, subscriptions are available for $50 USD equivalent in crypto due immediately + $50 USD per month, and 5% of realized gains after the month is thru.

The crowdsourced fund for bots is an interesting concept, given that the right smart contract could be re-deployed for other exchanges, strategies, or etc. Combining the financial efforts of many people would serve as a huge advantage - ie. on Okex there's a fee rebate on futures maker trades after a certain threshold of monthly volume, Binance's fees work akin to this but you must also hold a significant amount BNB...

Tokenizing the crowdsourced fund would mean that people could buy/sell more shares in the future, while the smart contract maintains new mints indefinitely and prices via oraclized service.


A crowdsourced fund for bots is by no means an ICO nor is it a financial service. Terms of service will explicitly outline that funds sent to smart contracts are in fact donations with no expectation of any given result from such voluntary action. Risk no more than you can afford to lose, DYOR.

But, look how beautiful the interface is!

If you try to visit, note that your API key won't work unless it's whitelisted and also you'll need to launch chrome or chromium with --disable-web-security --user-data-dir=~/


The only thing better than a 1min chart is a 10sec chart, no?

Anyhow, continuing on...

The crowdsourced token supply would start at 0, and mint new tokens for each given contribution. There will be a form on a website that asks:

1. Telegram handle

2. Subscribe/Contribute?

3. If subscribe, your API key (to add to the spreadsheet allowing the bot to do stuff)?

4. Did anyone refer you? No / list of TG handles

5. If no, the referrer is dev

5.5. $ to contribute

6. At present, 10% of the contribution/subscription's amount sent via web3 when the form is submitted is then minted for the 1st-tier referrer, 5% for the 2nd-tier. For 1-tier refs, the 2nd tier is dev. For 2-tier refs, the 3rd tier at 2.5% is dev.

7. For referrals, tokens are (probably, I'm open to suggestion) kept within the smart contract and redeemed by referrers who pay gas to get the tokens.

8. IN NO WAY IS IT IMPLIED OR ASSURED, every given interval there're gifts made to token holders, according to a proportional % of voted % of realized gains, the rest % left within the bot.

9. Bringing us to a democratic vote, based on tokenship (likely ballot), where token holders suggest items to vote on then vote on them in regular intervals. Everything that's mentioned or can be configured in the bot itself can be voted on. BECAUSE no action is implied from contributing or voting, any item of any sort in imagination can be suggested for or actively voted on.. not necessarily bot stuff!

10. Voting might include extra vote % for vesting tokens back into smart contract, sharing a % of %s realized with dev+bot fund.

What does it look like, in practice?

Over at you can see live running stats of active livenet bots (if there are none, check tomorrow! Our community is growing and more bots are on the way :) ) and includes a link to /graph... check out this alpha from earlier yesterday:


Yup, that's about 12% returns on equity over 29 minutes :) Slow, steady march back up to 16%! Note this balance later liquidated as I stopped the bot for 2-3 hours while switching offices, didn't think to market close the positions then BTC dropped last night about $160 in 4-5 mins :( Lessen learned - tighter stops!

Sounnnnd good?