Boostnote | Boost your happiness, productivity and
11,244 reads
11,244 reads

Boostnote | Boost your happiness, productivity and creativity.

by Kazz YokomizoOctober 18th, 2017
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Boostnote is an Open source note-taking app for programmers.
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Boostnote is an Open source note-taking app for programmers.

Used from over 200 countries and regions, and have been got over 4,800 Star at GitHub 🌟

Getting Started

In order to use Boostnote, you need to download app from here.

Boostnote apps are available for Mac, Linux, Windows, Android and iOS.

Boostnote_Boostnote is an open source note-taking app designed for


Boostnote is started as a CLI tool that named CodeXen in first stage (in mid of 2015).

This is the history of Boostnote by a chronological table.

Quick start

Press Cmd + N and choose Markdown Note. Then you can start to write anything you want by using markdown.


There are many features that programmers feel useful.TagStar

Pin to notesSync with multi devicesFinderSyntax highlightMarkdownSnippetOffline applicationShortcutsVim key-bindCustomizable UITeX supportExportQuick PreviewTrashSearch


You can add and filter using tags.



You can Star to the note and check them in the Starred folder.



It’s the most important feature, you can use markdown in Boostnote.


You can organize multi snippets in one note.


Quick Preview

You just click to toggle the modes.

Edit and Preview

Offline application

Boostnote is completely offline application. It means there is no registration and no sync.

When you want to sync your notes, you need to use other service as Dropbox or GoogleDrive.

Sync with multi devices

Are you using Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or iOS?You can sync Boostnote data with multi devices.

How to sync your data across multiple devices_You guys can install Boostnote on several devices — Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS — and sync all your data using…


There is a lot of useful shortcuts.

Awesome! You can also use Vim or Emacs key-bind.

Set your key-bind from Preferences -> UI. Don’t forget to reload app after that!

Customizable UI

You can customize the UI from Preferences -> UIYou can select Overall, Editor and Code block theme you like.

Multi themes

TeX support

You can write math by TeX. With $$ and $$$, write some equations.

# TeX support

$$$ 1 + \frac{q^2}{(1-q)}+\frac{q^6}{(1-q)(1-q^2)}+\cdots = \prod_{j=0}^{\infty}\frac{1}{(1-q^{5j+2})(1-q^{5j+3})}, \quad\quad \text{for }\lvert q\rvert<1. $$$


You can export as .md or .txt file.

Pin to notes

The pinned note is shown at top of note list.


For Developers

This part is for developers.

Something goes wrong! Can be more better!It’s OK. Boostnote is OSS. Let’s improve Boostnote with us 🤘

BoostIO/Boostnote_🚀 Boostnote is an open source note-taking app made for programmers just like


Boostnote is build with React + Electron + CSSModules. And CodeMirror is used for the Editor.

Boostnote Mobile is build with ReactNative.


When you start to develop Boostnote, please look over this.

In brief, there are 3 steps to run Boostnote in your local.

1, Pull repository $ git pull, Run $ yarn3, Run $ yarn run dev-start

After you confirm starting the app, you can start to develop Boostnote.



Boostnote is distributed as free software, so there are no supports. But there is a community.

Feel free to join our Slack team and say hello!Or, ask anything on issue!

Thanks for your time! Enjoy Boostnote 😆🌟

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