Greg Kerr


Blockchain’s People, Planet, and Profit Worldview

Phineas Taylor (PT) Barnum; creator of Barnum and Bailey Circus

The lens of People, Planet and Profit (PPP) gives greater significance to Bitcoin’s proof that humans can now assign digital value to anything. The new functional economies offered by the blockchain and the power of incentivizing behavior with cryptocurrencies, takes PT Barnum’s adage of “something for everyone” to the next level.

Melting years of experience working in the frontier and conflict zones with this new knowledge of the blockchain’s capability to incentivize behavior allowed me to explore new realms of stability and corporate responsibilities of civil governance. The blockchain allows anyone to assign value to anything — -a revolutionary concept for half the planet that hasn’t found a role in the centralized banking system.

Syncopating money making with doing well by the Earth and humanity will make the next generation of industry leaders as ones that build the most efficient and impactful companies. Now that profits compliment social and environmental impact fine-tuning business process will now signify generating more corporate value by creating more inclusive and sustainable systems.

The Blockchain is well suited for a PPP worldview; ushering a new era of human productivity and allowing for value creation at all levels of community.

Democratizing the authority to assign digital value to anything allows people to build systems that serve their selfish needs. Finally I found a tool that will help me create globally scalable in-group. The ability and access to self-determination is what the Blockchain represents — no matter the conditions the Blockchain is the “common-ground” we can meet and organize our selfish efforts.

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