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Blockchain Gaming and Blockchain Trading: What is the connection?

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@SergeenkovAndrey Sergeenkov

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Blockchain gaming is the final argument in convincing mums all over the world that playing games could be a profession. Throughout history, the most common belief was that play prepares children for adulthood. Even though caves were the first playgrounds, there is no proof that playing was securing the survival of the species.

As a matter effect, many animals play for the sake of playing. For example, play deprivation of laboratory mice or meerkats didn't affect their hunting skills. Furthermore, no theory can explain fun-loving crocodiles and elephants.

On the other side, in the very same human cave, exchanging the sharp stone for a slice of meat was a business from the start. However, due to fraudulent activities, the trading was also a zero-sum game for some. 

As the need for trading incentivized many inventions, the most recent one, the blockchain, solved this problem. 

Blockchain Trading

Similar to any other trade, profit is the driver for Forex trading. However, fraudulent brokers goals are to maximize their profits by taking all of the money from their clients. Rare ones are able to earn money via these platforms.

Following the news and reviews could help, but sometimes it is not enough to save from harm. For example, XTrade broker was signing the contract with Christiano Ronaldo in one moment and losing its license in another. Nowadays, their platform includes trading with highly volatile cryptocurrencies. Since players are still betting against the platform, nothing changed except new currency pairs.

Unlike Forex trading, blockchain-based trading is an immutable process. Therefore, there is no possibility of creating a fraudulent platform. Furthermore, the platform is a facilitator as blockchain is an underlying, decentralized network.

Seemingly, some of emerging platforms combine earnings and bragging rights over other players. In the case of BullsVsBears platform, every trading order is immutable. Therefore, it is easy to prove which player gets the money. To make everyone happy, each player is receiving a "bet hero token" as a reward for participating. For early adopters they organize a total 50,000 TRX giveaway. One hundred randomly selected subscribers will be awarded 500 TRX each.

Blockchain Gaming

The game theory originates from the 18th century as a scientific study of behavioral relations. In the case of blockchain gaming, game theory is no longer "in the game." It is because blockchain gaming brings transparency to the zero-sum games between the two individuals.

Why is this blockchain transparency important? 

As mentioned, fraudulent acts are impossible to conduct. Second, there is an option to reward all the participants in the game. Finally, a new concept of in-game ownership introduces a new type of profits.

Nowadays, we have a Decentraland as the unique world where every player can own in-game items. Of course, in-game items are not a novelty. But, with "the touch" of the blockchain technology, every in-game item is a unique one. Similar to any scarce commodity, the value of these items could rise over time. In this case, owning them could turn profitable.

When thinking on profit, many connect blockchain gaming with the wave of crypto collectibles. In this case, the cost of digital toys is reaching the price of the most lavish toys in the real world. If you think that $200k for Lamborgini is too much, wait to see the cat sold for $170k.

The Future of Gaming

Previously, YouTube gamers gained mums acceptance for playing games. Building upon this market opportunity, a streaming platform Twitch specialized for gaming. Soon after, professionals with the job title of "Twitch streamers" overflooded Linkedin.

Seemingly, this was just the beginning. True disruptors of the market, blockchain-based platforms are taking over the streaming, too. At one point, dlive streaming on the blockchain was the exclusive form of expression for the biggest YouTube star, PewDiePie

Similar to any revolutionary idea, the blockchain is offering rewards for masses. In this case, these are the viewers and content creators. 

Consequently, the intermediaries as influencer agencies are left out. Streamers, gamers, and supporters now can earn throughout the process. Moreover, they can trade their items or coins to another player.  

Thereby, someone can earn by playing the game, owning the digital property, and trading it for food, shelter, and Lambo in the physical world.


Progress made by blockchain gaming created an actual replica of our daily activities. Imagine waking up and instead of going to work - playing games and earning digital assets. Similar to hardworking individuals, the best gamers would be able to afford better homes in the physical world.

Inevitably, the education would conform to the market need, and the popularity of the gaming courses would rise. In this unlikely scenario, mothers would force their children to practice gaming. And play more!

Nonetheless, it is hard to tell whether playing for the sake of playing will get society approval. It is more likely that some forms of in-game producing and trading would be more appropriate for the grownup individual.

Even though this might be a distant future, its shape is obvious to notice. In the world of blockchain, both gaming and blockchain trading would be the necessary skills. As A.I. tends to take over the repetitive jobs, it is hard to predict what would people do.

Of course, a few could turn into artists and philosophers. But, in this scenario, their moms wouldn't approve their choice. It is because achieving success would be connected with the activities of former time wasters.

Sounds impossible? Well, we should wait and see. In the meantime, RyanToysReview channel on YouTube is making millions by little kid promoting toys while playing. Sounds familiar? Well, it could be just the beginning.

Disclaimer: I do not have any vested interest in any of the mentioned projects. The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and is not investment advice. Trading of any form involves risk. Do your research.


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