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Blockchain: a series in service of the people

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In short, the Blockchain fills the trust gap in business at never before seen levels. Technology is enhancing the human condition by providing an environment where our human capacity is focused in productive outputs and not consumed with guarding ourselves from threat. So much business and human effort is concentrated on easing our hypervigilent institutional and personal nervous systems — the Blockchain’s ability to pacify business interactions at a global level will aid humanity in earning through cooperation and not competition. This series of articles will explore the impact the Blockchain has on humans, the Earth, and every human’s ability to create profit.

The Blockchain world is full of loaded terms: zero-trust, immutable global ledger, radical transparency, smart contracts, peer-to-peer, decentralization, Internet 3.0, 3rd Industrial Revolution, meritocracy. However the conversation is dominated by one word; Cryptocurrency.

It isn’t a surprise Cryptocurrency is being fetishized by governments and status quo financial leaders — traditionally, currency systems are a funciton of the state and a tool for the elite. The danger in this hyper-focus; is this powerful tool, that can best serve the most vulnerable among us, is being hijacked in the name of protecting “investors.”

Part of the attraction to cryptocurrency participants is the capability to tokenize ideas; allowing the blockchain and cryptocurrencies not to be limited to the current system of monetization. The Blockchain allows for fractional interactions encouraging a digital bartering system using smart contracts along with increased security and transparency.

Investors have a role in economic markets, however on the Blockchain the economic power is shifted back to the people and communities with common interests.

Cryptocurrencies are a powerful tool resulting from the Blockchain that allows anyone to assign value to anything. This ability is important for people and communities that don’t have access to value creation in the current system.

The Blockchain allows us to upgrade and localize the value-decisions of the ultra-elite from hundreds of years ago. Our past leaders created systems that solved the problems of the day with the tools and knowledge available.

Today, the Blockchain allows value to be set against things that are readily available to every human. If we are clever in our applications, we can now put new economic incentives on desired human behavioral outcomes. Making the Blockchain a democratic tool that decides value based off of decisions made at local and individual levels. Now this type of self-determination is agreeable across most of humanity!

In all fairness; the most impacted by a technology should have a weighted voice in the policy governing that technology. In the world of peer-to-peer value trading, African women are a more powerful force than Silicon Valley investors. But, who are the stewards of the voiceless in this early policy- making stage? Tech leaders must clearly communicate the enormous bottom-up value generation that can be created by the Blockchain and show how this will change developing economies from Detroit to Cairo.

If true, the next generation of global tech conglomerates will understand the highway to success will blaze through African, Indian and Malaysian markets, not only Silicon Valley.

By merely offering a system where no system exists, the Blockchain will ensure the unbanked will have the heaviest influence on this next economic revolution; any company, city, industry or nation state that understands this principle will ride the next giant wave of growth. Seeing the market through this bottom-up lens identifies the next big Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as being African or perhaps Indian focused.

The Blockchain: a series serving the people; will demonstrate how the Blockchain is the champion of Triple Bottom Line accountability; allowing for synchronization of People, Planet and Prosperity.


Photo: Monrovia, Liberia 2014, Holden Warren. Liberian woman entrepreneur — The Blockchain serves our most vulnerable most.


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