Can the BTC - BCH - BSV Warriors Call A Truce? We're All in the Same Boat. by@joey-trend

Can the BTC - BCH - BSV Warriors Call A Truce? We're All in the Same Boat.

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Joey Trend

I'm a bitcoin mining expert since 2013.

Hi, Joey Trend here! Lately the bitcoin, bcash, and bsv communities have been at war. We should stop the fight against one another. Instead, we should start the fight against fiat currency.

Have we lost sight? The enemy isn't each other. Its people who want to censor us and how we spend money! In addition, corporations who want our data.

No doubt, bitcoin is the true original. However, in my opinion all splits of bitcoin are useful. To me, the more splits of bitcoin the better. Therefore, every time bitcoin splits we get more money.

If you look at the spread the splits of bitcoin have made the market-cap way larger. For those of you who have never seen the market-cap of the overall crypto market, visit

Have a look around. It will prove my point.

More users is more capital. Therefore, we should all be promoting each other. No matter what crypto you are promoting. Minus scam coins. But, the main crypto we should all be a family.

Anything that is listed on Coinbase, Binance, or any other major exchange. We should all try to become one big crypto family. Above all, can we try to be nice to each other?

Stand with me and support all legit crypto communities!
  • Forget about the Roger drama.
  • Then, forget about the constant Craig drama.
  • Focus on the technology.
  • Who cares the figure behind them.
  • We put our faith in code!
  • Which all of these cryptos have strong developers.
  • Shouldn't we be happy? We should be happy to see crypto survive!

Retweet each other! I will retweet your content @joeytrend, ask me. I have over 16,000 followers on twitter. However, for me to support your content it must be about crypto! Trade back-links with each other! I have a blog about bitcoin. Lets trade back-links. The more we promote each other the more money we all will make. This is a team effort. We are all in this together. Just like the Disney movie.

Let us all stand together as one unit and be stronger. Put all the major coins in our wallets. Ask what we can do for the community. Not what the community can do for you. Above all, care for the community.

In conclusion. We should be friends. Stop the fighting between crypto communities. We are basically all fighting the banks. Again, not each other.


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