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Bitcoin Navigator - Price Analysis [November, 2019]

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Hello friends and HODLers

It’s not a secret that trading algorithms are now working on exchanges, especially on small timeframes (if you want to make sure, open the  BTCUSDT  Trading View chart of 1 second view of Binance Exchange and you can see how fast and how many transactions occur at a time). 

Professional traders from traditional markets, who traded stocks and other financial instruments, also entered the market. and most of the movements that are happening now with  Bitcoin have already occurred with stocks.

You may ask 'Why'

Because anything can change on the market, except for human psychology and the actions that people perform in a given situation. 
We will show you the same pattern that  Bitcoin did from 2018 to 2019 
Reversal pattern - identical.


We also found several patterns on other instruments that excited us and we decided to share these observations. 
We showed it with black and white color on the chart.

Another important point that we reviewed for ourself is MA and the cross of death. 

The intersection of MA 50 and 200, these movings are true for the classic markets when trading goes 5 days a week. For our market that works 24/7, MA 280 and 70 will be used correctly. 
If we used MA50 and MA200 in 2018, then in a few months  bitcoin would go above Death cross 


If we use MA70 and MA280, we will see that these MAs work perfectly 


And now there is no death cross and if you compare it with 2014 - MA70 and MA280 are great. 


And MA50 and MA200:


We want to answer a few questions 

What price will be before the end of the year? 

We think we will see the New Year rally, and there will be a lot of good news. Most probably we will see the chart in this range:


Expectations from  Bitcoin halving? 

We expect a bull trap.

 Now you can see yellow lines and at first glance it's a very  bullish triangle. And most likely we will move inside this triangle to a halving. We will touch the support line of this triangle, and I expect a peak of euphoria in March - April a month before the halving. And of course, all those who believe in “to the moon” will be punished. 

This analysis is done with the help of EXCAVO, #1 team of analytics on Trading View.

Current update:



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