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Bitcoin Is The Revolution

This isn’t a bubble, this is a rebellion.

The other day the artificial intelligence overlords decided to put a video in my feed, because I like Bitcoin, of a Bloomberg reporter interviewing the CEO of Goldman Sachs about Bitcoin. While the A.I. overlords were correct that I would enjoy the video, I wasn’t expecting the interview to be so fucking hilarious.

What we are witnessing right now with the rise of Bitcoin is potentially fiat currency failing. The powers that be simply do not understand that Bitcoin is the revolution.

For everyone who does not understand Bitcoin who is reading this article let me put this in terms you can easily understand.

Bitcoin is just software. It is an incorruptible computer program, distributed database, and ledger system based on cryptography. It’s almost like a puzzle that by design creates digital scarcity. The more people participate the harder it becomes to generate and mine new coins. It’s a decentralized system that anyone can download and operate themselves without a centralized authority or bank. It is an economic ledger system of value, and it is not a stock, it is not a commodity, nor does anything else exist like it in our corrupt finance system because it is actually fair, infallible, and transparent. It is a new system, a better system, and it has value because unlike the US dollar it is a belief system that is actually finite. Bitcoin is a record of truth.

Millennials and warlords alike are rejecting the global banking cartels and creating a new system without them. That’s why the powers that be are afraid, that is why they just don’t get it. They call Bitcoin “a fraud” because it exposes them as the frauds they themselves truly are. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency makes their debt slavery system and their old beliefs obsolete, and they are too old and afraid to even understand what Bitcoin is.

The next generations values incorruptible computer systems more than the banking cartels flawed and evil economic policies.

Lets start with a little history lesson: The US dollar

The US dollar is a fiat currency which is not backed by anything, it is fake money, it is not real, literally just numbers on a computer screen, and it is merely a belief system. A flawed fucked up debt slavery based economic system designed to keep you and the rest of the world in debt and in poverty. It is a top-down economy controlled by the Federal Reserve which is controlled by a bunch of old out of touch sociopathic billionaires and trillionaires and has absolutely nothing to do with reality. The Federal Reserve and Wall Street aren’t even controlled by the US Government. Arguably, it is actually the Central Bank and Federal Reserve that control the US Government and every other country with a central bank.

The bankers are in control, and we do not have any representation in this country powerful enough to fight them, not even the President.

US dollars are literally debt notes created by a global banking cartel that doesn’t give a fuck about you or anyone else. The only reason you or anyone believes the US dollar is worth anything is because we have been brainwashed our entire lives by this very same banking cartel who literally own the media. They have used their money to brainwash the entire World into believing in the cult of money, and when we don’t comply they enforce their monetary policies through legal action, military and police force.

At the root of every major war, every major political issue, and everything from racism to slavery you will find a profiteering asshole banker or Wall Street executive. These shit-heads are not wizards, gods, or deities they’re sociopaths who lack empathy, sexually abuse women and children, profit from war, buy and sell other humans, and want to keep themselves wealthy while they keep the rest of the World sick, poor, and enslaved.

These are our true leaders, and guess what?

We have read their emails, and their dirty secrets have been leaked on Wikileaks, the Panama Papers, and recently the Paradise Papers. All the conspiracies about wealthy elite families and politicians have been exposed and the people of the World are waking up to the horrific reality these sycophants have created.

Children of the Recession: Cryptocurrency Is How We Fight Back

Bitcoin isn’t an investment in a stock or a commodity, it is an investment in a revolution that puts an end to fiat currency.

There will only be a certain number of Bitcoin ever created. Whereas with the US dollar, the powers that be can simply create new money whenever they want by simply typing a number into a computer screen. They aren’t exactly transparent when they do this, or where the money actually goes. Bitcoin solves this problem.

Bitcoin is a proof of concept that proves we do not need sociopathic bankers and corrupt politicians telling us what to believe in. It is a digital manifestation of value based upon the principles of scarcity with the intention of disrupting the World banking cartels, and it is working.

Money isn’t real, and the US dollar has no value because its existence is beyond that of tangible assets. It is a corrupt belief system that has failed entire generations both in America and abroad, and we the people of the World aren’t going to tolerate the central banks bullshit any longer.

Since the Great Recession of 2008, we have watched as the elite bankers printed even more money, and handed it to Wall Street and the Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, they systematically eliminated America’s middle class and inflated the tech bubble and my San Francisco rent into an Orwellian nightmare.

Does this really sound like a system I would willingly want to trust my future to? Why should I or any other Millennial trust the same banking cartel that stole our parents homes, stole our job prospects, brainwash us with television, poison our minds with social media, put us in debt with student loans, and enslaves our entire generation preventing us from buying homes and starting families of our own?

The real fraud is the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the central banking cartels.

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is how we the people of the World fight back against the powers that be.

The revolution is just starting and Bitcoin is merely the first and most successful decentralized application, but it won’t be the last. While Bitcoin itself may only be a temporary stepping stone towards future economic freedom, blockchain technology is a gift to the World that has the potential to create an entire ecosystem of decentralized applications.

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize everything from decentralized social networks, trade distribution systems, and to governance systems by leveraging zero-trust principles and incorruptible transactional transparency. With blockchain technology we can end fiat currency, disrupt Facebook and Twitter, prevent censorship, and create new value based economies.

Bitcoin isn’t a bubble, it is one of the first serious shots fired in the revolution and as more people wake up to the corrupt nature of the current banking cartel system, the value of Bitcoin will increase. The powers that be are going to try and use their money to convince the World that Bitcoin is a fraud, and they will purposely try to break the public’s trust in it by creating unnecessary volatility. However, once Bitcoin reaches critical mass the more powerful it will become and there is no way the banking cartels can stop it.

Bitcoin is just software and it is changing everything.

I didn’t get paid to publish this, so if you like this article feel free to send some Bitcoin.


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