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Bitcoin Brain Games

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There just has to be a better way of earning Bitcoin. You’ve thought that for some time now and you’ve trawled the web on a mission to find a solution. You’ve searched and you’ve searched and you’ve ended up here, nowhere and somewhere all at the same time.

You may even have procrastinated a little along the way. Allowing yourself to become distracted, you’ve maybe taken an online quiz or half completed a few Sudoku puzzles. Everyone loves a good bit of procrastination every now and then, right? You can even call it a ‘brain break’ if you like, it’s still procrastination.

Hang on though; this could be your light bulb moment! What if you could combine the two? Your procrastination from trying to earn Bitcoin could actually become a means to earn Bitcoin. It’s true, there are brain-stretching games out there that could reward your patience with Bitcoin. Carry on reading to find out more.

It’s all about exercising your grey matter and flexing those brain muscles. There are plenty of Brain Games out there that reward successful players with Bitcoin. If you know your crypto signals from your gaming controls, you could be on to a winner. You can simply conduct a Google search for the type of game you’re looking for, be it a quiz or a problem-solving game, and take your pick from the millions of hits you’re presented with. Alternatively, allow us to save you some time looking for them. Go ahead and try the two that we’ve listed here. They’re two of the best.

Satoshi Quiz

Who wants to be a millionaire? Family Fortunes, just a few of our old favorites there. Quizzes are unashamedly fun, everyone with a pulse knows that they’re like a universal guilty pleasure, and the wonderfully presented Satoshi Quiz is no different. Perfect for anyone looking to make some Bitcoin whilst killing a bit of time in the process. This is procrastination with a purpose. That is actually a thing! Procrastination with a purpose!

Every single time you answer a question correctly in Satoshi Quiz, you’re royally rewarded with up to 1000 Satoshis. To make this an even sweeter deal, the questions are actually really varied and quite interesting. General knowledge, tech-based, questions to do with Bitcoin itself, the range is extensive.

This all comes together to make this game a surprisingly enjoyable experience. The game switches it up between really easy questions and those that are much more tricky to work out. Don’t worry though, with a one-minute time limit on each question, those with fast fingers could take to Google to find the answer before the time elapses.

If no one sees you cheating, did you actually cheat? Hey, if you can live with it, so can we, and there is nothing on Satoshi Quiz or anywhere else for that matter, that stipulates that you can’t use Google for help. The ultimate ‘Phone a Friend’, old uncle Google could give you the answer to pretty much any question the quiz can muster in just a few clicks.

In addition to the regular version of the game, there are several challenges, themed or otherwise, with prizes topping out at the 1 million Satoshis mark. What a whopping prize that is, and once you’ve withdrawn or exchanged your winnings for real Bitcoin, you’ll keep coming back to games like this time and time again. Sure you’ll be procrastinating, but as we said before, it’ll be the most worthwhile procrastination you’ve done in years.

Quiz BTC

Once you’ve fattened your wallet by playing Satoshi Quiz a few times over, you may want to try something a little more competitive.

If competition with other people is more your thing then, Quiz BTC allows you to go head to head with other players. It’s like Mario Kart without Mario or the racing. It’s not like Mario Kart at all really, except you’re up against other people.

If you’re quick on the draw and you’re the first one to answer a question correctly, free Bitcoin shall be yours. Hurrah. The fastest answer is rewarded with the most Bitcoin satoshis, naturally, but even if you answer in a little more time than your opponent, you’ll still get a consolation prize, as long as you answer correctly. This game is like the Bitcoin version of a TV game show. You can even make your own buzzer sound out loud if you like. No one will hear you, but it might be quite fun.


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