Enabling Safe Investment by Rewarding Education on BG Learning by@bithumbglobal

Enabling Safe Investment by Rewarding Education on BG Learning

Researchers from IW Capital found that despite the. growth of the. industry growing at a rapid pace there lies a dearth of knowledge regarding the. project class, 1 in 20 Britishers, that is, nearly 3 million – have “casually invested in. a. project without fully understanding the investment’s. The platform comes with the mission of teaching its users about hidden gems in the.. the. learning space along with offering an attractive stepping stone for learning and earning.
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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects bought once in a lifetime investment opportunity for many investors. Yet the concept of investment in blockchain-related projects and cryptocurrencies remain almost alien to most people.

Satis Group, an ICO advisory firm in its study revealed that more than 80% of the initial coin offerings (ICOs) conducted in 2017 were identified as scams.

On the other hand, Chainanalysis reported that Ponzi schemes and other frauds involving bitcoin and cryptocurrencies lured at least $4.3 billion from investors in 2019 which was a bigger haul than the combined $3 billion in 2017 and 2018.


One would think that with frauds making headlines, investors would be more aware but on the contrary Research from IW Capital found that despite the blockchain and crypto industry growing at a rapid pace there lies a dearth of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency asset class, 1 in 20 Britishers, that is, nearly 3 million – have “casually invested in cryptocurrency without fully understanding the investment.”

More concerning is the fact that a mere 5 percent of those who invested in cryptocurrency have made financial gains while 11.5 million have failed to make a financial gain when investing in a cryptocurrency.

BG Learning Helps Investors Choose the Right Project To Invest In

BG learning comes to rescue new investors by educating them the most important things about carefully chosen projects that they might want to invest in.

The platform comes with the mission of teaching its users about hidden gems in the blockchain space along with offering an attractive stepping stone for learning and earning cryptos.

Bithumb Global has launched BG Learning as a learning zone and an interactive platform for blockchain projects to quickly gain investors attention.

The platform is not limited to only educating investors about the most crucial details about the project but has also made learning more interesting and profitable for investors by introducing a reward system that incentivizes participants with project tokens for their progress.

With this, the platform fills the gap of a dearth of knowledge among investors and makes blockchain easier and more lucrative for those who want to invest in it but are always held back.  

BG Learning is more engaging and lucrative in the manner that even when you decide not to invest in a project, you will still get a share from the reward allocation while understanding its fundamentals on the platform, thus making a missed investment opportunity less painful.

How can You Use BG Learning?

This collaborative platform is a one-stop destination for both - blockchain projects and potential investors. It not only helps blockchain projects with the potential to gain interest and attention from potential investors but also helps investors avoid investment misunderstandings, and win tokens.

So if you are an investor looking forward to identifying the best bet for your money, BG Learning helps you do that by holding several Q&A Seasons every month which opens your project to investors looking for the opportunity of getting to know new blockchain start-ups in their official global debut stage.

With these Q&A sessions, BG Learning makes sure that investors make the right investment decisions and be completely aware of what they are investing in. Along with this, the Bithumb Global rewards you with project tokens whenever you give a right answer.

How does this help blockchain projects? Well, these discussions, debates and Q&A sessions help blockchain projects get higher social media engagement and investors attention.

Also, Bithumb Global rewards innovative projects that reach a certain threshold of currently 10,000 votes within a couple of hours as predefined in each Season, by listing it on Bithumb Global Exchange.

Learn While You Earn Without Any Risk

BG Learning is based on Bithumb Global’s ‘user first’ policy. The aim is to foster premium projects and give back to the great community of investors for their overwhelming support throughout these years.

On the BG Learning platform, the allocation of the number of votes in the voting events depends on the asset holdings and transaction amount of Bithumb Global users (excluding the low commission rate of market maker accounts).

Basically, the number of votes the user gets due to asset holdings on BG is the average net asset holdings (including Spot and Margin Trading assets but deducting borrowed assets in Margin Trading) on the account 14 days before the voting. Also, the number of votes a user gets by transactional volume is the total transaction volume 14 days before the voting. 

The users are rewarded by the end of the event when a certain amount of project tokens are airdropped and all the users who answered correctly share the project tokens according to their proportion of total votes in the event.

The users stand to earn project tokens as rewards for truthfully answering various questions based on the project. Users also benefit from the opening of new sources of discussion around them related to the projects. 

The Success of Previous Seasons of BG Learning

Bithumb Global has already launched its five very successful seasons of project Q&As on BG Learning platform where thousands of users have participated.

These seasons have served as a catalyst in popularizing the projects on the Bithumb Global platform leading to the rise in their token price and handsome returns for participants.

The price reaction of previous five project listings have shown genuine interest of investors in hidden gems of the blockchain space offering:

  • In season one, Mantra DAO’s OM token pumped 2x from $0.24 to $0.45 within 18 hours from the start of trading on August 18, it peaked at $0.63 eight days later. Users of BG Learning received $1.25 as a reward on every correct vote. The season saw a total vote of about 80,000.
  • The third Q&A season started on September 14 where GatherNetwork’s GTH token was very volatile when it started trading. It experienced resistance at $0.24 on the same day with the highest token price of $1.25. BG Learning proved to be very rewarding for all the learners irrespective of their decision of investment as all users with correct vote were rewarded with $2.09 for every right vote. 
  • In the fourth season, Hedget’s HGET token had a sharp correction after listing in the two-figures. The project received over 54,000 votes and BG Learning rewarded correct voters with $0.018 per correct vote.
  • Permissions’ ASK token just listed on September 17. The highest token price for ASK tokens has been $0.14. The token received a total vote of about 32000 and users with correct vote were rewarded with $157.23 for each right vote.
  • RioFuel RFUEL token got listed on September 28. It clocked in over 65,000 votes and correct voters were rewarded by BG Learning with $0.54 per correct vote.
  • MobilePay MBX token was extremely volatile when it got listed on Bithumb Global on October 21. It saw a peak token price at $0.7. The season saw a total vote of about 51,277, users of BG Learning received $0.7 as a reward on every correct vote.

The most fascinating part of BG Learning is that it makes education rewarding. Here users get rewarded irrespective of their decision to invest in the token. The platform rewards you for your knowledge and interest without you risking any money.

How To Avail the Benefits of BG Learning?

BG Learning inherently provides a win-win situation for both investors as they get rewarded and have a safe investment without any risk while the blockchain projects benefit from the wide publicity and interest from potential investors.

So join the BG Learning platform to make an informed, calibrated and rewarding investment decisions!


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