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Better Ways to Build an E-learning website using AngularJS and PostgreSQL by@agriya

Better Ways to Build an E-learning website using AngularJS and PostgreSQL

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Everyone talks about the huge possibilities of digital learning but is not so mindful about its biggest pain point, developing an efficient digital platform. However, with the recently rising urge towards e-learning business, we now have access to an abundance of front-end and back-end development technologies and tools that facilitates our efforts to create efficient e-learning platforms.

When it comes to e-learning website development, our prime preference is Angular JS- the powerful Javascript framework developed by Google. Being an open source framework, it simplifies the process of development to a considerable extent. Here in this document, we ought to offer you some brief insights that might help you with your next e-learning web app development.

Why Choose an Angular JS and PostgreSQL Combination?

Not merely because Google developed it, but Angular JS has far surpassed all of its rivalries in terms of architecture, UI/UX, efficiency, reusability and so much more. Besides, its data binding and dependency injection eliminate a great deal of code. And this all will occur within the browser itself, which makes it compatible with any browser technology. Also, Angular adopts a unique approach; by taking advantage of directives, it solves the impedance mismatch between document-centric HTML and what an application needs.

Also, from a web app developer’s perspective, Angular JS simplifies the development by rendering a higher level of abstraction. Moreover, it eliminates a great amount of pain including registering callbacks, low-level DOM manipulation tasks etc. In a nutshell, Angular Js is perfect for developing CRUD applications, and this makes it our best-recommended choice.

Developing E-learning Platform with AngularJs & PostgreSQL

On the other hand, backend development cannot be considered as something secondary. And in regards to PostgreSQL, there are a handful of reasons, in fact, advantages that influenced our decision to stick with the same. First of all, with PostgreSQL, there are no more over-deployment issues. Also, there is no associated licensing cost for the software. Above all, the reliability and stability factors seemed so alluring for us; for PostgreSQL rarely crash.

Getting Started with E-learning Website Development

When compared with other frameworks, Angular JS is less complicated and developer friendly. And just as we mentioned above, there is more than one reason to choose Angular over others. Once you set your mind on an efficient Content management system (for instance, let it be Wordpress), you can name your website and continue with the process of developing the website. And below we offer some technical suggestions, which might help you with your future endeavors.

Programming Language - Apart from Angular JS we prefer to make use of PHP as well. PHP can be utilized to frame the backend operations, whereas, Angular JS will make the frontend process a lot easier. It makes your application efficient and faster too.

Server - When considering developing an e-learning software, we limit our server suggestions to just two. We recommend either NGINX or Apache as the server for an online learning platform.

Database - PostgreSQL is considered the best since it is object-relational. It allows you to include custom functions by using different languages. Moreover, it supports extensibility.

Moreover, PostgreSQL has many additional features including User-defined types, Table inheritance, Foreign key referential integrity, Nested transactions and many more. However, the recent versions of PostgreSQL support Native Microsoft Windows Server version, Tablespaces and Point-in-time recovery as well.

Interested in developing an E-learning Platform?

Want to set up a full-fledged digital learning platform within no time? Try the white-label e-learning solution, it is ready-made and can be transformed into an all-encompassing e-learning platform easily. Also, the script is modifiable, so it can be customized if needed.