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Where to host your WordPress website in 2019

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So you want to create your own WordPress site and take on the world wide web. Most people overlook the importance of a good host and suffer the consequences.Without a reliable hosting provider your site can loose traffic and struggle from day one. It has been said that if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load chances are your visitors will leave and never return. In addition to this you want a WordPress host that will give you the least amount of down time and a good support incase any issues arise. With a huge number of WordPress hosting providers out there in can be tough to know which one to choose, at bitsauce these are our top three providers that we have used and will continue to use in 2019.

What to look for in a WordPress hosting provider ?

Support: Always make sure to choose a hosting provider with great customer service. This Should be a top priority, no one wants a host that just takes your money and disappears without a word.

Up time: This basically means that your site is up and running for maximum availability. Don’t you just hate those site is down error messages ? :-\

Speed: Speed is fantastic everybody loves something that is fast, the faster the site the happier your visitors and not just that google will love you too, because it will boost your SEO standing.

Our Top Three WordPress Hosting providers for 2019

Wp Engine

Hosting your WordPress website with WP Engine makes sense because they are a hosting provider that is focused completely on WordPress. It is a win win for developers and clients alike because it allows you to quickly set up development environments and offers fast page load times. With great discounts on their sign up page. It also runs of amazon.

Features include

  • one click installation : Installation is easy just hit the button and install WordPress.
  • Blazing Fast Speed: It is already a fast hosting provider with load times averaging 582 ms, not only this setting up a CDN through WP Engine is a breeze, a CDN will bring your site speeds up even more.
  • Built in Plugins: WP Engine comes with the following plugins. Image caching, SSL certification, Password Protection, Firewall Protection and Malware scan.
  • Back Up And Restore: Automatically or manually create restore points this definitely takes some pressure off if a site crashes.
  • Security Warnings : WP Engine will notify you of any security vulnerabilities or conflicts in your site or plugins.
  • Preserve SEO With Easy Redirects : When migrating a non WordPress website to WordPress there is a need for manual configuration so all old links can redirect to the new installation. With WP Engine this is a breeze with their GUI for setting up redirects. Phew that makes life easy !
  • Good Support: WP Engine has great support !

WP Engine Summary


  • They’re more than just a managed WordPress hosting company and equip you with a suite of high- performance solutions for your WordPress site.
  • 24/7 chat support.
  • One-click staging tool for testing new WordPress plugins and other features before pushing it to your production site.


  • Built specifically for users who want managed WordPress hosting. Self managed WordPress hosting option isn’t available.
  • In order to ensure high website performance, not all plugins available in the WordPress repository are allowed to install on the WP Engine environment.


speed, reliability and customer service is needed for a great WordPress hosting experience


SiteGround is currently one of the fastest growing independent hosting providers. Not bad considering they have only been around since 2004.

Features include

  • Speed and performance : With a time to first byte starting at 0.4s this is quite impressive indeed. Siteground also has data centres around the world which will serve your WordPress site depending on the users location.
  • Daily Backups : SiteGround Performs Daily backups in the event that your own backups fail.
  • Cpanel: SiteGround uses Cpanel which is very user friendly.
  • Integration with CloudFlare: Siteground plays nice with Cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSL: A free SSL with one click installation is a great feature and saves a lot of time and head aches

SiteGround Summary


  • Fast hosting
  • Extra features for better performance including NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN.
  • Data centres globally for faster delivery.
  • WP Staging and Git Integration for advanced users.


  • Starting plan can be costly.
  • You can’t waive off the domain name registration fee.
  • WordPress features like cache, one-click WordPress staging and repo creation come at an additional cost. the more expensive plan has to be purchased.


DreamHost is a great hosting provider and is officially recommend by wordpress.org so you know they are doing something right ! DreamHost hosts over a million websites and this number is growing with this host providing good value for money.

Features include

  • Multiple Hosting solutions: hosting comes with multiple solutions ranging from Shared to VPS or Cloud.
  • Specialised WordPress Hosting: Specialised WordPress hosting is available through DreamHost.
  • Complimentary Email And Domain Management: This is available with the specialised WordPress plan.
  • Competitive Pricing: When it comes to hosting providers and price DreamHost is very competitive raging from $8.95 a month for a two year commitment up to $10.95 for a monthly commitment.
  • Good on-Boarding: Lots of user guides, forums and live chat Support,note there is no phone support which is a con but with the amount of other features isn’t a major issue.

DreamHost Summary


  • Money Back Guarantee up to 97 days
  • Independently owned
  • Huge Customer Base


  • Low up time at 99%
  • Live chat support is not available 24/7.
  • No phone based support without an extra fee.

Wrapping it up

In 2019 there are plenty of options for hosting a WordPress site. These are our most highly rated providers. We are always here to help you with your WordPress needs feel free to get in touch or express your thoughts with us here

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