Best Vehicle Telematics App for Effective Fleet Managementby@vakulachetty
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Best Vehicle Telematics App for Effective Fleet Management

by Vakula ChettyAugust 21st, 2018
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Back in the days when cloud-connected services done manually were taking the most significant role in automating the entire process. This wholly amounted to a great number of data, a very proficient fleet team to manage the processes and tons of paper-works.

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“The Global market value of Vehicle Telematics is expected to impel around US $103 billion by 2022”

Back in the days when cloud-connected services done manually were taking the most significant role in automating the entire process. This wholly amounted to a great number of data, a very proficient fleet team to manage the processes and tons of paper-works.

“Before the rise of telematics, fleet managers had to confront unpredictable situations & urged to sharpen the minds to learn the art of mastering the fleet management blindly.”

This has put the managers to toil in finding who is driving the vehicle at the current situation and which vehicle? Etc. Even if the driver had to switch between the vehicle, the process would take more than a day to complete and had to put someone on the desktop to make the changes manually.

Vehicle Telematics — Redefining the Fleet Management

However, the things have been stabilized to confront any sort of fleet challenges by Vehicle Telematics technology and applications developed by the Commercial Fleet Telematics App Providers.

Commenced as a combination of Telecommunication and informatics, to put it simple, “Integration with devices to utilize the telecommunication of information and communication technology related to long distance transmission with remote objects.” Thus, the transmission of information such as Speed, location, vehicle and drivers activity are carried through vehicle telematics from the fleet vehicle to a remote computer.

With the adequate rise in the demand of this technology which transformed the fleet market and exploding the growth in connectivity, stimulated several vehicle telematics companies to procure the treasure of the fleet market. Since, the telematics market is huge, reputation in delivering such classic & intuitive vehicle telematics applications plays the major role for every telematics company.

Transfiguring the Vehicle Fleet Management Into a Better Business

Choosing the right app development company who has good expertise in Fleet management would be a god choice. Going for the right Telematics solution offers effective insights on controlling the entire fleet, Safety benefits to maintain your whole business completely on road and also to disregard the usage of cost.

More than Just Application, How choosing a reputed company Empowers Your Fleet?

Reducing the Emissions — Vehicle Performance:

Every Solution is built to maximize the performance of every functioning, this is the key motto that every commercial telematics provider is promised to. The solution precisely portrays the foot-prints of carbon emissions and fuel efficiency periodically with insightful MPG measurement. The technology helps in tracking every fuel efficiency that provides potentiality to measure the impact created during driving improvements. This also provides a complete fuel analysis and combined mileage with the consumption of the vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking System:

Maintaining a healthy track record of Your fleet helps to double the productivity. The tracking system locates every move of your vehicle in a real-time through GPS. To betterment the journey, the GPS Fleet tracking App uses Satellite view to functioning Live Map to visualize the traffic congestion in order to maximize productivity by providing efficient routes. The vehicle telematics App contrived for both iOS / Android provides communication feature such as text or call, adjust the route instantly according to the live traffic updates and also identifies the misuse of the vehicle by unauthorized persons.

Driver Performance:

An effective monitoring activity which enhances the driving standard will utterly reduce the risk of accidents. The driver’s performance is ideally categorized based on Speeding, Harsh Braking, Harsh acceleration and idling. Monitoring proactively on drivers behaviour is the significant act in protecting the public and defines scores based on the reports scored by the drivers within a specified period of time.

Absolute Analytical Dashboard:

An effective Telematics solution provides mobile and web-enabled fleet telematics app which is customized to befit any cross-platform for iOS and Android. A complete dashboard to analyze the performance of the efficiency and opportunities to better the performance to generate revenue. Tailored to offer daily reports on any device and eliminate the unnecessary time.

Partnering With a reputed app development company that offers exclusive vehicle telematics solution helps to maximize the Safety, Improve Productivity, monitor within your Palm, Cut off the operating cost and also helps to generate your business profit of your Fleet Management within a single vehicle telematics application.

Improve Your Fleet Productivity Thrice of its Actual

Build Your your Telematics App Now!