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Digital Marketing Quotes To Keep You Motivated in 2020

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@triplesharkAnindya CHAKRAVORTY

Hello i am anindya founder of @tripleshark

As a digital marketer, I have learned a lot from my success and my failures. I like to use resonant quotes to keep me inspired, so I thought

Stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in. – Craig Davis.

You are only as good as the story you can craft.

Your customer is the king!

We have heard this many times but we forget it quite easily, ain’t it? Our strategy should always focus on improving the user experience. If your customer is not satisfied, you are making a major mistake. Everything revolves around their experience and the customer should always be the center of your attention. Always help your customers and they will help you in order to grow the business.

Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master. – Phil Kholter

Marketing is not a one-time learning process because you learn from your experiences. The process never ends because there is always something new to learn and nobody is an expert here. You learn and your grow every day.

When you are writing, keep asking yourself and be sure of what you are giving to your customer.

Content is super important because if you are sure of what you are saying then how would a customer know what you are talking about? Your writing should have a purpose and a message and it is so important to make your customer understand, what you are trying to tell them because many times we are sure of what we are selling but your customer might not get it so you need to think properly and make a unique content for your customers so that they can relate to your brand.

There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak. - Simon Sinek

This is one of my favorite digital marketing quotes because I have experienced this so many times, I don’t even remember the count. I have met many people in the marketing business and most of them are super curious and furious at the same time. Whenever I talked, they were overexcited and it looked very fake and they would at times interrupt me at times and it looked very unattractive. You must learn how to listen. It’s very important to be an effective listener than a speaker because it makes you look very mature and it makes the conversation more interesting.

Your awesome site isn’t awesome. Getting your stories into the hands of people who need them is awesome. - Ann Handley

You might have created an amazing product or a service but if you are not delivering it to the right people, it does not make any difference because if you are consistently selling your service to people who do not require it that much, you are wasting the precious time. You need to know your target audience and then start pitching them otherwise all the efforts you make to sell your products or services is going to be useless. Find the right audience and do all the hard work for them, the success will follow.

Simple and to the point is always the best way to get your point across. - Guy Kawasaki

Sometimes we try too hard to sell something but all it takes is simple things so why we make it complicated. You don’t have to confuse your customer, just keep it simple while putting your point across. Sometimes the most beautiful things are said in the most simple ways.

The key ingredient to a better content experience is relevance.

When you make a valuable product and people start connecting with your product, that is when you will achieve the success. You need to make a relevant and genuine product because if it’s not relevant, it’s not worth it.

Clients don’t care about the labor pains, they want to see the baby. - Tim Williams.

This sounds so funny but ain’t it so true? No matter how much time you put into something, if the final product is not good, nothing would make a difference. The customer has nothing to do with the hard work you have put to make that product, all they want is that the product should be the best for them. Do not focus on your struggles, always focus on the success. Stay neutral. If you get failed once, try it again and again.

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein.

Digital marketing is meant for creative people. We flow with creativity. When information is provided with the taste of creativity, it gets even better. You need to be creative in whatever you are doing to promote your services or products. You can do wonders with the help of creativity. I always wish to do something creative and interesting every day because that’s what keeps me going

Always provide value. Value builds trust. Once you have that trust, you have the ability to do some selling. - Hubspot

You need to add some value to your customer’s life. If you are selling something or even if you are writing something, you must add some value. People will always remember how you made a difference in their lives. Once they will start trusting your services, it becomes easier to sell them your services because they will be able to relate to your services. It’s very important to build trust and you can only do this by adding value to their lives. It also helps to maintain the long-term relationship with your customers.

The best marketing does not feel like marketing. - Tom Fishburne

There is a rule of marketing that if you want to sell your product, tell people why they should buy it. Don’t push your products or services. If you will explain why exactly your target audience needs your services or products, there are more chances of them bying your products. Always remember to focus more on spreading the information and spending less energy on promotions. Marketing should not look like marketing. The process should be natural.

It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online. - Jeff Bezos

I have clients that belong to different professions. Some are doctors, some are writers, bloggers, artists, fitness masters etc. There is no profession that does not need branding and marketing. If you are selling services, you need to have a strong portfolio to display your work. Your website is your portfolio. Not every person can reach you offline and with the growing use of the internet, your target audience is spending more time on the internet. You must take the full advantage of it and try to build a genuine connection with your audience. Build the trust first and the money and success will follow.

Tell stories. - Seth Godin

These two words are so powerful and hold a deeper meaning. Wherever you are are, when you are pitching to your audience, be as real and simple as you can. If you will play smart, they will sense it and nobody would care how good your product is. Connect with them honestly and tell stories. If you have a personal story to share, share it, don’t be afraid. If you have stories of other successful clients, share everything that inspired you and will eventually inspire them. Tell them stories, bind them in the conversation and always stay true to them.

Never stop testing because what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

There is a new invention every day. You need to keep creating different strategies every time because creativity is the need for digital marketing and it demands newness every day. Don’t get stuck with the old ways, keep exploring new things, keep on trying them. Even if you fail, never stop trying because the most important thing is to try. If you won’t fail, you won’t be able to experiment and know what works and what does not work for a business.

Commit to a niche, try to stop being everything to everyone. – Andrew Davis

My website talks about marketing. I can not start talking about food, health or any random topic for that matter because you should not confuse your audience. You should talk about what you are best at. Your website name should justify the content you provide to your audience. People try to do so much at the same time that it all eventually becomes futile. Your efforts are precious, try not to waste your energy and time.

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. – Wendy

People go mad sometimes while doing the SEO for their website, they do not understand that sometimes the simplest things can do wonders for you. Write a valuable content, give your readers something unique, always add value, stay consistent and everything else will follow up. If you are creating the content that is loved by the users then you don’t have to put so many efforts in the promotion because your target audience will do that job for you. Invest more time in producing quality content that really adds value in the lives of your readers. The boost of traffic will ultimately send signals to Google that your content is worth coming to the top position.

These were the best digital marketing quotes in 2020 for every digital marketing fanatic.

I always look for interesting digital marketing quotes to get inspired because we all agree to the fact that we need inspiration every single day.

You learn something new every day and I as a digital marketer feel immensely proud to be a part of such a creative field. It demands lots of learning before earning. Well, these quotes will definitely inspire you and you will able to relate to most of them.

We have to be creative every day and come up with something new every day. Nobody is an expert here, we all learn and grow but with years of experience now, I have gained vast knowledge and confidence and I keep sharing interesting facts and news in my blog posts.

Hope you enjoyed reading, do let me know what are your favorite digital marketing quotes and what inspires you every day to work really hard in life!


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