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Best Blockchain Blogs to Follow

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Not every blog can be a source of trustworthy information. Especially in blockchain industry, where every possible channel of data seeding might be used to promote some sort of scam. Since we’ve went through a huge number of resources during our due diligence processes, we can now share with you some of the blogs that deserve your attention.

If you are looking to go deeper into understanding blockchain technology this blockchain blogs list will definitely serve you well. Each of them contains plenty of articles that will fit both beginners and professionals. For those who prefer to acquire new knowledge more actively it’s highly recommended to subscribe to some of the best blockchain newsletters. Though if you are more into conservative consuming of thoughtful information you might find our guide on best blockchain books quite helpful for a quick start.

Vitalik Buterin’s Blog

How can one condense all of this man’s contributions to the Blockchain space into one short post? He effectively created the Ethereum network, along with its native cryptocurrency and its native programming language. Too many, because of these reasons alone, Buterin stands as the second most important person to the rise of the Blockchain next to Satoshi Nakamoto himself. In his blockchain industry blog, Buterin focuses on everything from the history and issues of the Ethereum network to the development of theories on levels of fault tolerant consensus and even how the Blockchain industry should be governed. If there is any blog that you should clearly start with as an investor that is looking to gain more technical knowledge on all things Blockchain, then this could be the one.


Some consider Nick Szabo to be a likely candidate for being the real Satoshi Nakamoto, though he has publicly denied this possibility. In Unenumerated, Szabo writes on an extensive range of subjects, chiefly in his areas of specialization, which include: history, law, economics and computer science. Unenumerated should be one of the top blockchain blogs on your list, especially due to the fact that it is widely accepted that Szabo also essentially invented our current conceptualization of smart contracts.

CoinFund Blog

This particular blog is more narrowly focused for blockchain investors as a general audience. Top contributors Jake Brukhman and Aleksandr Bulkin write on a variety of topics, most of which involve issues that they believe serious Blockchain investors will have to consider as they begin and continue their journey in the space. Look to CoinFund as a top cryptocurrency blog in the sense that they bring to light risks like obsolescence risk that blockchain investors may not have ever considered before.

Jimmy Song Blog

Like Vitalik Buterin, Jimmy Song was one of the pioneers of all things blockchain. More specifically, he was actually one of the first developers to work on the Bitcoin network. In his blog, he draws on that knowledge as well as the knowledge gained from his involvement in all sorts of projects across the space, to paint a balanced picture on just about everything related to the industry. In some posts, his explanations are more geared towards developers, with the aim of relating a Blockchain concept to something related to programming. In others, he focuses on explaining concepts like the true utility of a stablecoin to a general audience. All in all, Song’s blog achieves an excellent balance in terms of the audience it caters to and the topics it presents. Because of this, it is easy to define it as one of the best blockchain blogs about blockchain tech out there.

Tony Sheng Blog

Tony Sheng is most well known for leading the product team at Decentraland, which is basically a Decentralized application that functions as a Virtual Reality world on the Ethereum blockchain in which users can buy and sell land as well as virtual products. On his blog, he writes weekly about what he believes are the most important issues to mention in the blockchain industry, which are inspired by his background in non-fungible crypto tokens, VR, and machine learning. This could be one of the ideal blockchain blogs for the investor who wants to find his or her niche in the rapidly growing area of Decentralized applications.

Multicoin Capital

If you’re looking for the insights of what is effectively a Crypto hedge fund on how to invest in the space, then look no further. Multicoin periodically curates what it believes to be the most important podcasts about everything blockchain and everything crypto, at the same time. In addition to this, they post on their blog, mostly on the subject of how to succeed as a Crypto investor using more traditional investing strategies, like achieving the ideal alpha. In other words, they work on trying to educate both new and experienced Crypto investors on how to beat the market. Because of this, it might be said that they are one of the top cryptocurrency blogs available.

BitMEX Research

BitMEX is now one of the most well-known Crypto exchanges out there, but what many new investors don’t know is that their research blog is also one of the most in-depth in existence. The BitMEX research team stylizes their posts like research articles in a financial journal, which report on just about everything in the blockchain industry. In most of these posts, the team succeeds in providing deep insights into why one or more current events are influencing the industry in a certain fashion. A prime example of this would be their work with defining Stablecoins, which ends with what current stablecoin projects are trustworthy and why, with the help of financial indicators. Due to all of these factors and more, it is easy to term their offering as one of the top blogs on cryptocurrencies.

Startup Management

In this particular blog, William Mougyar, the author of the Business Blockchain, pens his thoughts on topics like how to best understand what types of Crypto tokens exist and what the most likely future of the Blockchain industry is. All of his posts are influenced by his experience as a VC, an entrepreneur, and a professional marketer, as well as his work advising startups. Thus, if you want a truly fox-like view on the Blockchain industry, as the psychologist Phillip Tetlock would term one that is influenced by many industries at once, then this is the blog for you. It is not exactly a dedicated blockchain blog as it includes topics from many areas of business, but perhaps this is actually what makes it one of the best blockchain blogs.

A16z Blog

Marc Andreessen co-founded Mosaic and Netscape, which ended up being the world’s first widely adopted web browsers. Then, in 2009 with Ben Horowitz, he founded the Venture Capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, which authors the A16z Blog. While this particular VC firm basically serves as the most powerful in the world, with one of the most diverse portfolios in the world, its crypto blog is quite unique in two main ways. First, they were one of the pioneers in terms of investing in Bitcoin at a large scale, so they speak well for the institutional side of things. Second, the A16z Blog is not afraid to include critical opinions related to Crypto and the Blockchain, in an attempt to truly provide one of the most balanced blockchain blogs in existence.

Token Daily

Token Daily is special because almost all of its posts focus specifically on tokens and related subjects. In addition to this, they claim to be an ideal source for those who are looking for consistently trending information on both Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, while it might not explicitly be the best blog about blockchain, it is possibly a top niche blog on the blockchain industry.

Chris Dixon blog

Chris Dixon is one of Andreesen Horowitz who blogs almost exclusively on every Blockchain and Crypto topic imaginable. Judging by the topics of his posts, it would seem that he avoid focusing on individual Blockchain projects in favor of wider industry issues, though at times, he hones in on one individual networks. Just like with the general A16z blog, this may be one of the best resources out there for any investor who wants more of a consistent, big picture analysis from the standpoint of an institutional investor..


While AVC is really just a blog about being a venture capitalist, courtesy of Fred Wilson, who has been one since 1986, it does have something unique to offer to those looking to invest in the Blockchain space, in any capacity. Unlike some business bloggers, with the pieces that he does dedicate to Blockchain and Crypto topics, Wilson endeavors to give clear advice as to what he believes the logical courses of action for Crypto investors to take are. Look to AVC if you want experience backed investment advice from someone who has done it in all sorts of industries.


BitcoinTechWeekly stands out from the rest of this pack of blogs for one key reason. It is specifically geared toward those who already have specialized technical knowledge in Blockchain technology. In that they focus many of their posts around the latest software development tools and network updates in the industry, this would seem to be the best blog for the technically gifted blockchain investor. Keep in mind with all of this, since they deliberately style themselves as providing “weekly bitcoin tech news,” it is likely that their opinions will be heavily influenced by the Bitcoin maximalist school of thought.

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