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Benefits of being an innovator in product adoption

I hope most of you are familiar with this curve. For those who don’t know, It’s the product adoption curve. It shows how different consumers adopt a product over time.

You might be an innovator for some products and are already enjoying the perks. But, may be you are unaware of it. For example: The innovators who used medium didn’t have to pay for custom domain. It’s still free for them. Only those who want a custom domain now has to pay.

Great companies consider innovator’s success as theirs. It’s like they have a stake in your company.

Consider electronic gadgets. Do you know that smart innovators get their money back? It’s like they pay nothing for the product. Sometimes they make five to ten times more than their investment for the product.

It would be sane things like product reviews on youtube. Sometimes insane things like destroying Macbook or shooting an Iphone with AK-74. You might think these people are crazy. But fail to notice the view count they get. This converts to money.

My point is not that you destroy gadgets. But as an early innovator you are a star. The later part of the curve wants to hear from you. As I mentioned earlier, you get a lot of perks free or cheap which late majority have to pay for.

So, why not try something new today ?

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