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Being A Creator: Definition, Economy, Tools and More

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@lijinLi Jin

I am an Investment Partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on the Consumer sector

My learning from this very interesting discussion is that there’s no single, consistent definition of “creator.” Which goes to show how nascent this entire ecosystem is!

Some recurring themes emerged from everyone’s comments:

  • ASPIRATION – creators want to grow an audience, even if they don’t have one today
  • VALUE/IMPACT – creators make something valuable for others
  • INTENTIONALITY – they treat their work as a craft and want to improve upon it
  • INCLINATION – creators are those who want to create more if they had time & money
  • LITERAL CREATION – (the broadest def.) creators as anyone who
    creates anything, including communities, art, etc. Some even said
    ‘creators’ encompass those who never share that creation with others.

Originally published as “What is the definition of a “creator”? (as in, creator tools, creator economy, etc)"


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