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Being A Creator: Definition, Economy, Tools and More

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@lijinLi Jin

I am an Investment Partner at Andreessen Horowitz focused on the Consumer sector

My learning from this very interesting discussion is that thereโ€™s no single, consistent definition of โ€œcreator.โ€ Which goes to show how nascent this entire ecosystem is!

Some recurring themes emerged from everyoneโ€™s comments:

  • ASPIRATION โ€“ creators want to grow an audience, even if they donโ€™t have one today
  • VALUE/IMPACT โ€“ creators make something valuable for others
  • INTENTIONALITY โ€“ they treat their work as a craft and want to improve upon it
  • INCLINATION โ€“ creators are those who want to create more if they had time & money
  • LITERAL CREATION โ€“ (the broadest def.) creators as anyone who
    creates anything, including communities, art, etc. Some even said
    โ€˜creatorsโ€™ encompass those who never share that creation with others.

Originally published as โ€œWhat is the definition of a โ€œcreatorโ€? (as in, creator tools, creator economy, etc)"


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