Beat the Boss Game Series (LIVE)

Over the last 3 months we have been running a community event series called
‘Beat the Boss’.

The event has been run using multiple platforms including telegram, reddit, medium, twitter and youtube. The events are comprised of two components, mini puzzles and Boss trivia. The mini puzzles are used to release intel and rewards, and the Boss trivia are where we battle the bosses with larger rewards.

Below you will find all content in chronological order up to date, including all current puzzles & available rewards.

CURRENT PUZZLE: Nian’s Treasure Trove — Puzzle 2.8

Rewards still available for: Nian’s crossword — puzzle 2.5

CLUE: Use these in conjunction with Puzzle 2.8

Nian’s Treasure Trove — Clue 1

Clue’s will be posted each Monday Evening


Aelf was founded a year ago, when ‘Seed 3.0’ (Seed3P0), the seed for blockchain 3.0, was discovered by the aelf founders. Since then the core aelf team has been cultivating this seed to bring it into blossom. Many have thought to have discovered this seed, only to find they had a mutation of the outdated blockchain 2.0. But we believe we have discovered the true seed. Since word broke into the public realm that the true seed was being cultivated, the rumors spread like wildfire, ranging from the seed is a person, to the seed is the Holy Grail and will give immortality to those who possess it. As a result of these over-glorified rumors, many are the enemies of aelf who would seek to possess ‘Seed3.0’ by any means necessary.

​And thus, Agents of A.E.L.F. was formed.

​You, our newest recruits, have joined the ranks of agents sworn to protect ‘Seed3.0’ and the aelf network which is being created to cultivate the seed.

Agents of aelf operates on a global scale and has operatives on every continent of the world. We are a proactive agency, we are a powerful agency, a force to be reckoned with. We not only defend aelf and the seed, but we act upon Intel to pre-emptively strike those who would seek the seed for their own gain.

​This technology cannot fall into the wrong hands, it is powerful beyond belief and could be the most destructive force this world has seen if it is used by those driven by greed and self-importance. The aelf ecosystem has almost been completed and the cultivation of Seed 3.0 finished, in only a few short months our job will be complete and the seed will have blossomed into a self-sustaining ecosystem, not even the strongest foe could stop. It will bring blockchain 3.0 to the world and humanity will be able to once again, rest easy.


You’re Role: Active Agent

​As an Agent in the field, you will be tasked with assignments to complete which will not only protect the seed and aelf, but the wider public. You must take this responsibility seriously, mistakes will not be tolerated. We will provide any support needed in any way we can. HQ will be a place you can always come to for help and advice. You will always be equipped with the tools you need to complete your mission.

Locations: Where to go


Although you, our agents, are spread throughout the globe, HQ will always be available to you. It will never be more than a click away and is open day or night. Should you require assistance, this should be your first port of call.


Agents of aelf will each be given a special device in which they can contact other agents as well as the elite guard known as ‘The MODs’. Here you may converse with others for the benefit of all. There may be times in which vital clues are shared in this space so make sure you actively monitor all activity here.


​Battlegrounds may vary greatly depending on the enemy, task assigned, or tools on hand. We have found that there are often specific locations in which you will find helpful tools or information in these battles:


Here you will find texts from the aelf core team all the way back to the ancient firstlings, who cultivated the first ‘Seed1.0’, dubbed Bitcoin. These texts you will find the clues needed to beat any adversary you may meet.

 As news develops, or new information is discovered, you will first hear about it on the aelf message board. This is a public board posted out the front of the aelf building. Due to the sensitive nature of some of these assignments, you may need to decipher some of the clues as they could be shared cryptically.


The pool is located in the park across the street. Don’t stress if you think you may be on the wrong street. The magic of this pool is that if you are an agent of aelf, it will always be across the street no matter where you are. On the surface the pool likes like any other imagery pool with exciting images, but the deeper you look the more insight you will find. Deep within this pool you will find visual gems that will be invaluable to you on your missions. Make sure you take some time to delve into this pool on occasion.


This book is something every agent has, in it you will find blank pages. Blank, until there is information you will need to be aware of, then it will be written in these pages for your quick reference. Locations, times, and names are just a few of the key pieces of information that you might find appearing on some of these mystical pages.


As you venture on these quests there will no doubt be valuables that appear before you. Aelf has no interest in these and as long as they do not interfere with the mission at hand, you may keep any rewards that come your way. They will need to be declared to HQ though, as these can often be used to track the success of a particular mission.

​Good luck… Agent

Series 0

(OCT 12) Boss 1 Bio — Mappo — This was a test to all our agents to ensure you were up to standard, capable of defeating any villian that attempts to mess the A.E.L.F. and our Agents.

(OCT 26) Boss 2 Bio — Dr. Julian Choo — Dr Julian Choo’s searching over the last 4 years has led him to aelf. Aelf holds the most pure and original source of the Merkle Tree Root, held in the Main Safe in the the underground lab, it must be protected at all costs!

In our scouting report we have found that Dr. Choo’s bane is trivia. We have developed a defense system using trivia but we need all hands on deck to man it and ensure Dr. Choo doesn’t break through. If the Dr. obtains the Merkle Tree Root, all blockchain technology as we know it will cease to exist.

(NOV 8) Boss 3 Bio — General Moud — General Moud has developed a sinister scheme which requires Seed3.0 (the source of blockchain 3.0, currently held by aelf) as the final component. When news of its discovery made its way into his ears while in the USA, all other priorities ceased to exist and this was his sole purpose from here on.

Now he has arrived at aelf and is using his army to break down our front doors. As potential Agents of aelf, you are tasked with stopping him by any means necessary. He thinks he is knowledgeable with all his study, but we shall use that knowledge to his disadvantage with our Trivia Defense System (TDS)!

(NOV 22) Special Thanksgiving Boss 4 — Diesel the Turkey — Using the phone directory, the first company on the list was, of course…

AAA Car repairs (you thought I was going to say aelf didn’t you!). Well, this was short work, and with some brute force and an eraser, he removed their name from history (and the phone book). And so he traveled the world on his crusade until his twisted turkey brain brought him to aelf HQ.

Series 1


A security breach has been detected at aelf HQ!!!! All further intel will be provided in an encrypted format.

First Communication — Puzzle 1.1

Agent Aelfonzo Update — Puzzle 1.2

Agent Aelfonzo Missing In Action (MIA) — Puzzle 1.3

(DEC 7) Boss 5 Bio — Miss Ashley Morgan — (see above puzzles)

Miss Ashley Morgan’s Mystery Case (MAJOR PRIZE) — Puzzle 1.4

Series 2a

Inside Miss Morgan’s case we have discovered a special document which has led us to believe Nian and his villians were involved in the kidnapping of Agent Aelfonzo

Typewriter Test — Puzzle 2.1

Nian’s 2nd in Command — Puzzle 2.2

(JAN 18) Boss 6 Bio — Rěnzhě bǎobèi — (See above puzzles)

Series 2b

After capturing Rěnzhě bǎobèi and some serious interrogation we managed to glean some crucial intel.

Interrogation Board — Puzzle 2.3

Which location next? — Puzzle 2.4

Nian’s crossword — puzzle 2.5 (REWARDS STILL AVAILABLE)

What’s Wrong With the Whitepaper? — Puzzle 2.6

Sing me your favourite song? — Puzzle 2.7

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