Forget the ‘5 ways to be a better manager’… by@i_am_brennan

Forget the ‘5 ways to be a better manager’…

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Brennan McEachran

It’s ok, we all do it…

We’re on Medium wasting time reading article after article that say the same things about being a better manager/leader/entrepreneur/sales person/marketer/developer/etc.

Let’s end that today.

😲 😗 💨

Take a deep breath and trust yourself.

Let’s face it, you already know those 5 things. They’re the same things as last time, but you just can’t… resist… the… click…

So here’s the kicker: forget the ‘5 ways to be a better manager’. The truth is, you already know at least 20 ways and, besides, knowing has never been the hard part.

The hardest part is acting on what you already know. It’s finding time in the no-time, reactionary, inbox-zero, always-on, perpetual busyness workplace we live in, to do those 5 things every day.

🤔 ☝️

What actually matters? Doing something.

Don’t worry about the high-level ambiguous words that leaders need to focus on. Focus on doing something.

Doing one small act is not hard. Sometimes, inertia takes over and it may seem like hard work, but you can do hard work, right?

Find the one thing you can do today that will make you 1–2% better, max. And then uncover the next thing for tomorrow.

That’s it. Nothing more. No more time reading, no more time analyzing, just more time doing. Then compound tomorrow’s act on top of today’s. You focus on the habit of doing, and let the compounding math make you a 38x better manager/leader/boss/etc by the end of the year.

💪 📈

So here’s your 1 ‘do’ for today

Lodge this in your brain: The next time you see a Medium article telling you how to be a better leader/manager/boss/etc.

1. STOP.

2. Close that tab.

3. And ask your team one question about how you/your team can improve. (Here are 10 of the best questions to ask, as judged by other managers.)

Listen to them and not to that random blog post. You’ll be surprised at how you magically become a better manager.

Make this a daily habit… within no time you’ll find yourself improving yourself and your team in countless ways.

Full Disclosure: We make a slack bot that helps you have these types of conversations. If your conversations are stale, not consistent, or unorganized, you should try GoodTalk now.

🎉 👍

You made it to the end!

Did you ask anyone on your team? What did they say?

Share below incase it helps the next reader…

Thanks for reading,

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Brennan is the CEO & Co-founder of SoapBox, the #1 place to work in Canada. Their apps, SoapBox for Enterprise & GoodTalk for Managers, are about those conversations you should be having with your employees… but currently are not.


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