aXpire (AXPR) — Hedge Funds Using Blockchain Technology by@Joakim
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aXpire (AXPR) — Hedge Funds Using Blockchain Technology

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Efficient, cost-cutting, and easy to use; what’s not to love?

aXpire’s Resolvr software offers fund administrators and asset managers access to the future of spend management.

With a blockchain and AI**-**enabled solution that’s more efficient than any spend management solution ever offered before, Resolvr allows both dramatic cost and time reductions to its users. These benefits, among others, make it pain-free and incentivize the platforms use with large financial players.

With Resolvr, blockchain technology is used on a day-to-day basis by aXpire’s clients, without them needing to know any of the complexities behind it.

Since the aXpire token sale in January — and the subsequent bear market — aXpire has not been getting as much attention as I believe it deserves. With real use by real businesses, an upcoming CNBC feature and more, aXpire should stand out from the crowd.

Disclaimer: I am an advisor to aXpire, and therefore I am naturally biased in my opinions directed at and around the project.

In this article, I will cover the following points:

  • What is aXpire and AXPR?
  • The $24bn AUM Hedge Fund Client
  • What is Resolvr?
  • What is MatchBX?

What is aXpire and AXPR?

aXpire originated as a spinoff from LSG, a USA-based InsurTech/RegTech SaaS company with a strong track record of working with Fortune 500 companies — Nike, Intel, IBM, Coca Cola, the NFL, and many more— providing them with their software solutions.

aXpire is unique within the blockchain field for a distinct reason: having a real product, with real clients, and recurring revenue.

It’s not a startup working on a pipe-dream, but an established company working on bettering and furthering its product line to benefit current and future clients.

With two core products — MatchBX and Resolvr — aXpire is poised to service a large quantity of users, all of whom will need to use the AXPR token to procure services/functionality from both products, whether they’re a freelancer on MatchBX or asset manager / fund administrator on Resolvr (will explain both products below).

aXpire’s token was sold during the aXpire token sale, lasting from the 8th to the 12th of January 2018, reaching the token sale hardcap of $20m in just 89 hours, supported by Roger Ver and others. The core function of the token lies in it serving as the only form of transactional utility on aXpire’s software/platform(s), being required for function cost and platform fee payments. An intriguing aspect of the token lies with its burn function, which is a model in which function costs and platform fees are burnt instead of pocketed by the aXpire team.

The $24bn AUM Hedge Fund Client

aXpire and Resolvr was initially developed in response to a challenge, or rather a software service requirement, that was created by an NDA’d top 10 New York hedge fund. Due to the fact that current offerings could not fulfill their needs, this hedge fund began searching for a new solution. aXpire rose to the task, beating out a large number of competitors, including the most well known providers of spend management software.

After securing the development contract, Resolvr was created and is now being used to manage the spend of their $24 billion dollars of assets under management.

What is Resolvr?

Resolvr is a spend management software solution that allows fund administrators and asset managers a real-time, full overview of their entire business’ spend. By removing human manual steps from the entire spend management process, errors are eliminated and profit is maximized. Through Resolvr, users can delegate invoices for review, utilize AI-features to optimize spend, and benefit from streamlined communication between departments. All of this is accomplished within the one Resolvr platform, as opposed to being spread across spreadsheets, PDFs, and emails. aXpire’s blockchain technology enables all spend to be tracked and viewed across all departments, with an immutable audit trail. This increase in transparency is greatly beneficial for any Resolvr user, in the event of an audit, for example.

In short, Resolvr compiles everything related to spend into a single point of access and control — across departements — allowing improved efficiency, and freeing up staff to work on other tasks, all leading to the end business user saving a lot of money.

Try the non-DLT Resolvr demo here:

The DLT-enabled version of Resolvr that will require AXPR for its functions, and that will burn AXPR, is going live in Q3 2018.

What is MatchBX?

MatchBX (pronounced “Matchbox”) is a P2P task/job marketplace that connects freelancers with both private persons and businesses, both via the RFP portal that’s being integrated into Resolvr, as well as via the main front-facing marketplace that’s being launched at MatchBX will connect freelancers with those who desire to use their services. For example, a designer could offer to design a company’s logo, or a translator could offer their services for translation gigs. Any task/job fitting the MatchBX guidelines can take place on the platform, with an exchange of AXPR tokens as payment.

The MatchBX platform MVP is going live in Q3 2018, and will require AXPR to function from the very beginning.

aXpire whitepaper | aXpire FAQ | aXpire website


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