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AutoDraw with Google Now

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@febinFebin John James

AutoDraw is a brilliant tool. However, after using it multiple times. I thought of something which can be of help. If I want a flower, I have to make a rough sketch.

I will get this.


Now, if I want a tree. I have to make a rough sketch again. This will require little effort and a few seconds. Imagine if we had google now integration and I could just say โ€œI need a treeโ€.

AutoDraw still make sense because not all times I know the name of the thing I want to draw. Also if I want the suggestion be close to what I draw.

In a developerโ€™s perspective it makes sense not to do something like this because you miss a lot on training data.

In a userโ€™s perspective this can be of great help.


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