Artificial Intelligence: Concerns and Opportunities in a Flourishing Digital Societyby@karthikrajashekaran
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Artificial Intelligence: Concerns and Opportunities in a Flourishing Digital Society

by Karthik RajashekaranMay 22nd, 2024
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AI is not a substitute for our human intelligence, in the generative AI age it's important to invest in continuous learning and curiosity, while we enjoy the revolution to increase our productivity and revenues, some job roles may disappear soon! Are we ready for a new economy?
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The future of work lies in the collaboration between humans and AI, where technology enhances our natural abilities, allowing us to think more strategically and creatively and empowering us to drive innovation in the workplace.

“Demis Hassabis”

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept. With the emergence of Generative AI, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the development of various tools. Many people are interested in creating AI-powered products. However, as this trend continues, black hat hackers see an opportunity to exploit weaknesses in different products. It's important to note that nothing can be completely secured; there are always some weaknesses to be discovered!

When we advocate for AI products to increase productivity, a significant portion of our workforce fears replacement in fields where it can outperform humans. Some job roles will be replaced, but new ones will be created, providing more opportunities.

Where are we headed with AI?

Are we at risk of being replaced by this revolution?

What if AI is overrated?

The Fear of Getting Replaced in the Age of Generative

In the age of generative AI, white-collar jobs may be replaced within 5 to 10 years. According to some experts, AI can excel in data entry, writing articles for companies, customer service, and numerous other tasks.

Network engineers, data scientists, and developers are also wary of the impact AI is having on some tasks. To stay relevant in the industry, they must become more creative and focus on learning what AI cannot easily do at the moment.

While we appreciate the positive impact of AI and the revolution it brings, there are concerns that companies not prioritizing customer care may suffer from a damaged reputation and even face bankruptcy!

Every problem AI brings is an opportunity for another group of workers and innovators.

A Global Threat

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2024 is the year of AI. Are we ready for the better and the worse?

Since the launch of ChatGPT, we have seen a growing number of products integrating the APIs. We are excited to use them without noticing what is happening behind the apps and platforms. According to IBM, the cost of a global data breach in 2023 was $4.45 million!

Insecurity costs more than investing in security. The secure-by-design approach is the way to go. By securing each phase of the software development life cycle, we can ship secure apps and reduce the number of cyber breaches in our digital society.

AI is not a substitute for our skills. We should invest more in training the workforce, as the worst could happen at any time.

Nothing is ever completely secure. While we benefit from AI, certain tools like Worm Gpt can be used to attack systems at any time, and the results could be catastrophic.

Data is as valuable as a diamond; it's generated in networks, smart devices, and sensors.

Hackers don't dedicate their time to anything; there's always a profit involved, whether it's financial gain, stealing intellectual property, or causing chaos by harming systems.


People collaborating

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise, while some apps and platforms are shipped with breaches, for secure coders, it’s an opportunity to secure the code line by line by reviewing the mistakes that could help a hacker exploit some vulnerabilities. In the generative AI age, secure coders will have more jobs to secure the code for fewer vulnerabilities, and with the help of advanced AI systems, on the other side, companies investing in Apis for security dedicated to developers will create more jobs; not all developers have skills in security!

Those who invest their time in learning about security, the secure-by-design approach, and secure coding practices will become a valuable part of the workforce in this AI-driven economy. Ethics will play a significant role, and those who understand the AI ecosystem will have the opportunity to take on new job roles as the tech industry evolves rapidly.

Although AI will replace some jobs, it will also create new ones!

Are we ready?


In the age of generative AI let’s train the workforce to secure our digital society, while we overestimate the potential to increase productivity and even revenues, there are some vulnerabilities hackers can discover anytime.

AI cannot secure itself, we need a new workforce, well trained, skilled, and ready to tackle the new challenges we face now and for the next decade.

Adaptability is key now in this new AI economy.