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Are Aliens Real? There’s Going to Be an App for That

I’m writing an App for detecting Aliens, and I do not believe in UFOs — not at all. The App started as a fun game. But this project has forced me to research possible aliens among us. I’ve found some weird stuff. It seems advanced civilizations probably existed on Earth much earlier than we thought. And some scientists tell us that RH Negative blood could contain alien DNA. I am not kidding.

I’m still researching, but there are RH Negative dating sites built to retain blood purity. These people have similar characteristics, and they are serious.

Then there’s the UFO photos and videos. Most of these are low quality and just plain stupid. But I Found one HQ video that captured an object traveling low to the Earth at more than 9,000 MPH. Third party analysis of the raw footage has so far determined that it’s legit. I need to find out what that thing is. Here are a couple videos of the object.

For now, I’m just a high tech game coder. But if aliens are walking among us, then this App needs to detect them with AI Image Recognition. I’m building a variety of image recognition models that are self-learning. If AI finds Aliens, I will become a game developer turned alien hunter. With enough people armed with a real Alien detector App we could make a ruckus.

Update: Now the military ways in on this Utah UFO. Their conclusion: Not From Earth.

Update 2: I believe the video is real and not altered. But it’s probably a high-speed drone. A fast, low flying drone lets the Pentagon spy on anyone anywhere within an hour. Very hard to detect because it’s going so fast. These vids captured it by accident — the mysterious Lockheed Martin SR-72 fly at 4,500 mph. You know the Pentagon must be spending the $trillion/year on something.

Lockheed Martin SR-72 Drone

It’s doubtful that Aliens on Earth got here in flying saucers or high-speed drones. So how did they get here?

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