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AppBot: Making App Analytics easy!

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App Analytics not only benefits an organization but also the end users who end up using it ! And indeed, it is a very common known fact that the first rule of making your App successful is :

#Keep your Customers Happy

There are a plethora of App metrics that google will throw at you which is crucial for knowing the customer’s experience with the App such as App Stickiness, First Time Visits, Return Users, App Penetration and what not !

However, truth be told, we somehow tend to overlook the most easily available key piece of information that is sent to us directly by the users — which not only makes us connect with them personally but also helps resolve their issues at a faster pace! Any guesses what that might be?!

Yes! Indeed — The Voice of Customers themselves ! The User Verbatim left on Google Play Store or iTunes

It is quite a herculean task to sit and go through each and every piece of comment that the user leaves behind. Certainly becomes tougher as an analyst when you are expected to deliver analysis within a time crunch! This is where technology assists us.

There are of course several ways of categorizing user verbatim to make sense of their pain points and troubles. However, it is up to every individual to pick their choice of tool and explore in and out of it!

This is where I choose AppBot

Initially starting out as a tool that just aggregates reviews, AppBot is now capable of being able to pull meaningful insights that can go a long way into suggesting the necessary improvements in App.

Over 35% of Top charting Apps such as Pinterest, PayPal, TrueCaller, Twitter etc. use AppBot.

So how does one go about exploring their App on AppBot?

A 10-day trial account is the best way to start exploring the tool.

All you have to do is :

(i) Once you log into the Account, navigate to the Manage Apps Page, you should see the Bulk Import button, click it.


(ii) Enter in the URLs for all the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon apps you want to add and press Import Apps. The import process will now begin, and you will receive an email when your apps have been added!

Viola ! Now you can begin exploring AppBot and it’s countless features. As a digital analyst, one of the things that instantly impressed me about AppBot was the ease with which one could gain insights with very little effort.

AppBot features : (Some, not all)

a) Sentiment is where you can get a broad overview of how your app is performing including your app’s sentiment score which analyses the text content, star rating and trends in your app’s reviews over time. You can also see at a glance your overall sentiment including a breakdown of positive, neutral and negative sentiment, timelines of the quantity and star rating of your reviews as well as country and version charts which show where your reviews are coming from.


b) Words shows you what the most commonly used words in your app reviews are, a list of critical words that are showing up often in your app reviews and the word cloud which provides greater depth than the tables above and allows you analyse the sentiment for reviews containing a specific word with a single click.


c) Reviews is where you go when you want to see a list of your app reviews, to manage replies to Google Play reviews, or see recent summary stats.

d) Ratings is the only place that will show you app figures that include star only ratings.


e) Compare Topics is where you can measure how several apps are performing against multiple topics at once.

f) Emotions plots patterns in how your customers are reacting to your app on a chart to help you quickly identify outliers that may require urgent attention

g) Sentiment Map shows the distribution of reviews by country and is coloured according to the overall feeling towards the app, green for positive, yellow for neutral and red for negative.

h) Reports is where you will find some convenient reports, like your app’s average rating per country or review volume by date that are all ready to run with the tap of a button.

And the best of all, you can choose a variety of App and compare them together as well.

As a starting exercise, probably taking the trial version and checking how AppBot helps with your App analysis is a good starting step. With such a concise and accurate level of detailing , generating App related insights will be a matter of few clicks only !

Happy Exploring :)


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