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AOC G2460PF Review: A Great But Complicated Budget Gaming Monitor

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For fulfilling fluid gaming, our KickoffTech gaming experts recommend a monitor with a high refresh rate (like 144Hz). We have reviewed hundreds of such high-end models, and our focus today will be on AOC G2460PF, a functional but complicated gaming monitor.


  • A 24” screen
  • A 1920 x 1080 native resolution
  • 350 cd/m2 maximum brightness
  • 1ms response time
  • 16.7 million color support
  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 6.5kg weight
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 22.7W power consumption
  • 178º horizontal viewing angle
  • 170º vertical viewing angle 
  • WLED Backlight

Features & Aesthetics

AOC G2460PF is a variable 144Hz refresh rate panel from AUO and has an Adaptive Sync. The monitor’s front is a quite familiar style to past AOC gaming monitors such as the G2460PG. A dark red stripe is painted at the bottom to identify AOC G2460PF as a model that supports AMD FreeSync. “FREE SYNC 144HZ” is slapped on the left, and the monitor’s bezels’ brushed metal texture is easy to note, even though they are in real sense mate black plastic. At the top and sides, these are 0.59 inches or 15mm, and 0.94 inches or 24mm at the bottom

AOC G2460PF’S power state and on-screen display (OSD) are controlled by buttons close to the bottom bezel’s right side. The buttons face downwards but have labels on the front. Additionally, a small power LED is in between the “Power” and “Menu” labels, this glows green once the monitor turns on and amber if the monitor is on standby (power) state. 

Two 2.0 USB ports are easy-to-note on the screen’s right side.

The top is colored red and supports fast charging to all the devices connected. The thinnest point of this monitor measures 0.83 inches or 21 mm, and this lumps out further centrally and down. 

A stand is included to give great ergonomic freedom and gamers can tilt up to five degrees forward, 22 degrees backward, and adjust the height up to 5.12inches or 130mm high.  You can also choose to swivel the monitor up to 270 degrees right or left using the turntable on the base’s underside. Better, you can with ease adjust AOC G2460PF into portrait mode by rotating 90 degrees clockwise. 

However, note that having this monitor in portrait orientation severely limits viewing angles. At the minimum height, this screen’s bottom edge sits 1.61 inches or 41mm above the desk, while its top edge stands 15 inches or 381 mm on top of the desk. 

G2460PF’srear has matte plastics all through. A brushed metal texture is evident in the central area while the rest has regular matte. The stand can attach by 100mm VESA and is easy to be unscrewed should you intend to use a mount or an alternative VESA stand. 

A dark red clip-on cable comes with the monitor, and this can be attached to the neck of the stand. This wraps around and can be slightly viewed from the front when the screen is high enough. 

AMD FreeSync

Like any other high-refresh rate monitor, AOC G2460PF comes with adaptive sync, in this case, the AMD FreeSync. FreeSync may have some problems with budget monitors, but this is not the case with this model. This is because FreeSync only works in a range of 35 to 144Hz with display ports and a range of 35 to 120Hz with HDMI - the AOC G2460PF supports this. 

It’s also worth noting that FreeSync was recently enabled for NVIDIA GPUs. Unfortunately, AOC G2460P is not officially supported and there is hence no guarantee that it will perform well in NVIDIA GPU. Therefore, if you are using an NVIDIA GPU, a G Sync monitor would work well for you, even if it would mean spending more. 

Built-in Speakers

AOC G2460PF has stereo speakers that each have a 2W RMS, and this is the essential standard on monitor speakers. While these speakers are a convenient feature, they are not that great. For a better gaming experience, you might need to have dedicated speakers. 


  • A wide FreeSync range
  • A fast 144 Hz panel featuring a response time of 1ms. 
  • A solid and easy-to-adjust stand
  • Decent color accuracy
  • Compatible with VESA
  • High value for money


  • The design doesn’t agree with everyone
  • Viewing angles and color are not as good as VA/IPS

Bottom Line

AOC G2460PF is one of the reliable and highly responsive monitors and gives you the kind of fluidity that’s hard to find on regular monitors or TVs. Moreover, its FreeSync is well implemented and works great in a wide range of FPS. That combined with the 1ms response time makes this a worthy purchase. 

However, if you want to see our top budget gaming monitor picks for 2019, you can click on this link: best gaming monitor under 200 usd.


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