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Angular Version 5 Release was Delayed

September 18th 2017

The new release schedule of v5


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A few months ago the Angular team introduced the tentative scheduling of the Angular’s version 5 according to the semantic versioning. The due date of the release was September, 18.

The old tentative release schedule of 4.3.x-5.0.0 versions

Version 4.3.0 was released on July, 14 instead of July, 3. The next releases of the stable and beta versions of Angular delayed one after another. Version beta-6 was released on September, 3, instead of August, 21. The successor of this version was beta-6 and beta-7 instead of the planned release candidates. The latest beta version was landed a few days ago (August, 13) with some breaking changes and features.

The stable releases line was delayed too. All 4.3.[7+] versions was canceled and version 4.4.1 was released. Instead of them, Angular added some new stable versions (4.4.2–4.4.5) that will take place in the next weeks. These new versions will be released near to the regular delayed release candidates.

The new due date is October, 23
The changes in the schedule of version 5

Another cold news is that the release of version 6 will probably delayed to April 2018 instead of March.

The change to the next major version

Angular version 4 was released in a delay of only one day, but now we have a delay of one month (16% of the six months approach). It’s absolutely OK! We need to be happy that the Angular team feels free to change the schedule. We prefer to get a stable and zero-bugs release that we can rely on and be sure that all will work well. Even when it is a tentative schedule, it can be great if in the next time we will get an early update.

Version 5 concentrate in the Progressive Web Apps method and more other new brand features and abilities. According to the semantic versioning policy, a lot of v4's deprecated API-s like OpaqueToken, NgProbToken and the template tag will be removed/changed in v5. Until the upcoming release, we can read about v4's minor versions and what to expect for in v5.

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