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AngelList has a very good set of blog posts about recruiting, remote work, etc.

I think that not a lot of people aware of them, so I decide to form a collection of it and share with Hacker Noon readers.

in order to make this article long, less boring and show you that I actually read that articles myself (who knows maybe you don’t trust me) — i’m pushing the most cool quotes from that articles in order to give you some teaser. Reading this articles was a good time investment for me. Hope you will enjoy them too.

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Please don’t tell me that you looking for a startup tech job or working at someone and you’re not at AngelList.

Linkedin? It’s for grannies.

What Startups Really Mean By “Why Should We Hire You?”

…and other non-technical questions.

Don’t think of this question as a test of your competency or resourcefulness. It’s designed to gauge whether you have the nerve to withstand the stress and uncertainty of a startup.
“I didn’t get along with a coworker.”

Link: https://angel.co/blog/what-startups-really-mean-by-why-should-we-hire-you

Why You Should Join A Regulated Startup

“the rules that apply for low-friction or permission-less spaces can actually lead you in exactly the wrong direction.”
In other words, if you “move fast and break things” in the financial sector, the SEC can throw you in jail.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/why-you-should-join-a-regulated-startup

Why Your Job Offer Was Rescinded — And How To Handle It

As for finding your next job, get back on the horse and keep applying.
As long as you didn’t burn any bridges with the recruiter, most will let you resume the interview process if its still ongoing.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/why-you-should-join-a-regulated-startup

3 Obstacles Your CS Degree Won’t Prepare You For

As it turns out, working in a language written more than 30 years ago is often easier than working around the spaghetti code another engineer wrote last summer.
One, who began he career at a decades-old tech company, described the particular headache of deciphering a bug that was older than he was.
The course colleges should add:Humans 302: Why They’re The Worst Sometimes

Link: https://angel.co/blog/3-obstacles-your-cs-degree-wont-prepare-you-for

Why Naval Ravikant Thinks Remote Work Is The Future

…It’s going to be done through lengthy trials. It’s going to be done through new forms of evaluating whether someone can work remotely effectively.”
“It obviously favors a certain kind of person — a younger person who is unattached, who wants to globe-trot and see cool new places, but often it’s way cheaper flying your team to this exotic location than it is to pay them a Bay Area salary.”

Link: https://angel.co/blog/why-naval-ravikant-thinks-remote-work-is-the-future

What To Do When You’re Faced With An Exploding Job Offer

The shorter the expiration window, the worse the exploding offer.
Remember, joining a new company is a commitment. You stop interviewing for other opportunities. You commit to spending most of your time each day with these people. You have to live, at least in the short term, with whatever compensation package you accept

Link: https://angel.co/blog/how-to-deal-with-exploding-offers

Why The Gender Pay Gap Gets Worse — Not Better — For Senior Engineers

“Women negotiate less — and ask for less when they do try to negotiate — than men, and that’s due to a couple of reasons,” said Maya Raghu, director of workplace equality at The National Woman’s Law Center.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/why-the-gender-pay-gap-gets-worse-not-better-among-senior-engineers

Want To Recruit Better Engineers? Open Source Your Code

The easier it is for outside engineers to understand your code, the more likely they are to contribute.
Engineers today are less interested in parking their skills in a place and not being able to showcase them. They want to work in the open because it creates some visibility to them.”

Link: https://angel.co/blog/want-to-recruit-better-engineers-open-source-your-code

30 Questions To Ask Before Joining A Startup

“What progression do you envision for someone in this role?” You want a company that plans for your growth.
“Does this role contribute to higher-level decisions?” The more responsibility you get out of the gate, the better.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/30-questions-to-ask-before-joining-a-startup

Naval Ravikant’s Guide To Choosing Your First Job In Tech

“Pick a startup that is not totally raw. You can calibrate a little bit and (make your decision) heavily based on the quality of the team and the alumni,” Naval suggests. “Those are the people who are going to form your core network in the tech industry for the next decade.”
“All returns in life, including in relationships, are from compound interest.”

Link: https://angel.co/blog/naval-ravikants-guide-to-choosing-your-first-job-in-tech

Why Naval Ravikant Hires Artists

“You look for tinkering. You look for hobbies. You look for side projects… Real artists always have art projects going on the side. If someone is very, very good or is meant to be an entrepreneur, they’re probably going to have multiple entrepreneurial things that they’ve tried — not just one.
“I would rather hire people who don’t fit. One thing I hate in hiring is when people are like, ‘Must have eight years experience in this, six years experience in that, must know JavaScript…’
A good person can pick up most things. A good engineer can pick up a new language. A good designer can pick up a new toolset.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/why-naval-ravikant-hires-artists

How To Switch Engineering Jobs — And Actually Like Your New Role

There is no reason for engineers, in today’s market, to stay in a job they don’t want — and they know it.
… in the role, he was able to see people’s lives improve every day because of his work. He described it as the happiest role of his career

Link: https://angel.co/blog/how-to-switch-engineering-jobs-and-actually-like-your-new-role

How To Recruit Talent — When You’re Competing With Giants

Explaining your vision of success — and how it differentiates you from the rest of your market — refocuses the way candidates see your company.
The best way to sell your culture is to explain what types of people succeed at your startup and also what types of people fail.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/how-to-recruit-talent-when-youre-competing-with-giants

Steve Blank: How To Keep Your Job As Your Startup Grows

“I don’t get it, I did all this work, and everything was great. Why does anything have to change?”

Link: https://angel.co/blog/steve-blank-how-to-keep-your-job-as-your-startup-grows

Those Inflated Job Titles Aren’t Fooling Recruiters

If you have a very senior-sounding title from a very small company, keep the title but also include the company’s size.
When you list yourself as the former senior engineering lead for a five-person company, a recruiter can’t tell at a glance what your responsibilities and contributions actually were. Clarify that for them.
Remember, your resume is your story, and it’s there to get you in the door. Tell the best story you can, and anticipate the questions it will raise in the reader’s — or in this case, the recruiter’s — mind.

Link: https://angel.co/blog/those-inflated-job-titles-arent-fooling-recruiters

Just a good article to cross the finish line

How my Friend Got an Internship at Tesla After Only 8 Months of Coding

“You have no idea. For a few hours, my desk was like five meters from Elon’s.”
“No fucking way” I shouted.

Link: https://hackernoon.com/how-my-friend-got-an-internship-at-tesla-after-only-8-months-of-coding-6578c32f3e77

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