An Essential Dark Souls Mods Guide: The Best Mods from Dark Souls 3 to Dark Souls Remasteredby@mm22
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An Essential Dark Souls Mods Guide: The Best Mods from Dark Souls 3 to Dark Souls Remastered

by Marc MagriniNovember 11th, 2021
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The latest FromSoftware title, Elden Ring, has been making the rounds with gameplay previews and the launch of its network test. This test is unavailable for PC players, but those without a console can still enjoy new Dark Souls-styled content thanks to fanmade gameplay mods. Dark Souls 3 has numerous gameplay mods that change up how players traverse through the title. Cinders, The Convergence, and EKWRP are the highlights, providing players with intricate weapons and new mechanics. Dark Souls 2 doesn't have as many gameplay mods available, but it's been getting some traction with new creations such as Seeker of Fire. And Dark Souls 1's modding community has come further than ever, with Dark Souls Remastest providing one of the most unique experiences you could ever get in a multiplayer title.

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Fans of FromSoftware’s action RPG titles have been getting a lot to look forward to. Their latest upcoming game, Elden Ring, is looking more exciting than ever - especially with the recent network test and gameplay preview.

One unfortunate aspect of the network test is the lack of PC support for it. Only console players will be able to enjoy a taste of Elden Ring this month, leaving fans without a Playstation or an Xbox in the dust. This doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy brand-new Souls-styled content; however, they just need to rely on unofficial sources.

Previously, I discussed how a great way to prepare for Elden Ring’s release is to try out mods. I didn’t go very in-depth as to which mods players should check out, and there’s been a couple of new ones that have been making the rounds. In this article, I’ll be taking a look at some of the best Dark Souls mods across the series you can check out in preparation for Elden Ring.

DISCLAIMER: The mods listed will only be mods compatible with either Dark Souls 3, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, or Dark Souls: Remastered. Sekiro modding hasn’t quite reached the level of these other games yet, and previous versions of Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 aren’t as widespread or readily available.

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Mods

Much of Elden Ring’s gameplay seems to be quite similar to Dark Souls 3, which is good news for fans of this title. There are plenty of choices for large-scale, gameplay-altering mods that give players numerous options and an intense level of challenge.


Quite possibly the most well-known Dark Souls 3 mod out there, Cinders gives players hundreds of new options to center their playstyle around. It doesn’t have much in the way of brand-new enemies; many of the “new bosses” are reskinned versions of older bosses with new effects. But Cinders provides players with numerous pieces of equipment to truly change how they play the game, even taking some weapons from other FromSoftware titles such as Bloodborne. Combine this with new classes, enemy-filled arenas, and alterations to base mechanics, and you have a perfect first step into modding Dark Souls 3.

The Convergence

For those of you that want some more intense changes, check out The Convergence. While it has its own share of reskinned bosses, this mod goes above and beyond by adding completely new enemies with unique move sets. You might recognize some of those move sets as originally being from Sekiro - since they’re in Dark Souls 3 instead, this gives players a chance to fight familiar foes in even more unique and interesting ways. This goes hand-in-hand with the new magic and graphical alterations provided by The Convergence, giving players an experience more unique than most Dark Souls 3 mods can offer.

Elite Knights’ Original Weapons (EKWRP)

Though a much smaller mod than the ones mentioned previously, EKWRP is still an incredibly impressive one. It’s not on NexusMods, so check the above video’s description for a download link. This mod allows players to use entire move sets from enemies and bosses without any need for cheat engines or debug menus, implanting those move sets into player-compatible weapons. As the video shows, the mod even applies these alterations in other places, changing a boss into Artorias from the original Dark Souls. It doesn’t have as much content as Cinders or The Convergence, but it’s the best lightweight option for those that can’t get enough of Dark Souls 3 on its own.

Other Gameplay Mods to Keep an Eye On

These aren’t the only mods players should check out. Champion’s Ashes is a large-scale mod like Cinders that adds new mechanics like feints and power-stancing. Archthrones is an upcoming mod with plenty of promise, reworking Dark Souls 3’s bosses and the world to create an entirely brand-new game. And Call of the Abyss is a mod currently in alpha, where players can face off against a darker world with bosses and enemies straight from Bloodborne. If none of what you’ve seen so far appeals to you, keep an eye out. The Dark Souls 3 community has a long way to go - and plenty of impressive mods - before user-made content begins to grow stagnant.

Dark Souls 1 and 2 Gameplay Mods

Mods for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 aren’t quite as widespread. There are plenty of large-scale, Cinders-like expansions that change up enemy placements and area entrances. But there’s a very small amount of documentation on most of these mods, and plenty of their changes are superficial at best. But there’s still plenty of work put into them, and fans of these older titles might get quite a lot out of these mods. As such, here are some mods that I think are most worth mentioning.

Dark Souls 2 - Augur of Darkness

One of the most well-known mods for Dark Souls 2, Augur of Darkness, is actually quite a simple mod. It’s very lightweight compared to other mods, with most of its work being in the form of enemy placement alterations. Dark Souls 2 has a lot of content on its own, so those simply looking for a fresher experience would find this mod perfectly suitable for that purpose.

Dark Souls 2 - Seeker of Fire

On the other hand, the more recent Seeker of Fire mod makes changes to the bosses themselves alongside new gameplay mechanics. New weapon move sets and even alterations to the game’s lock-on system were made for Seeker of Fire, on top of progression changes to let players access DLC areas earlier than usual. It’s still a relatively lightweight mod, but those smaller additions add up to make something truly incredible.

Dark Souls - Grimrukh’s mods

Grimrukh is a particularly notable name in the Dark Souls modding community. Not only has he created the ever-popular Daughters of Ash mod, but he’s also currently working on a fanmade “sequel” to Dark Souls known as Nightfall. A teaser for Nightfall can be seen above, showcasing new combat, areas, and enemies. This track record makes Grimrukh a favorable mod-creator to follow, especially for fans of the original Dark Souls.

Dark Souls - Remastest

As the only mod on this list that I’d recommend staying online for, Dark Souls Remastest is probably the most insane mod of them all. What started as a simple port of Halo maps turned into an incredible rebalancing of the game, with entire mechanics and new abilities added that change up the game. It was just recently updated, too, including new movement options that will actually be quite relevant when Elden Ring comes out. Not to mention adding Halo-styled firearms and massive explorable maps. The videos showcasing the mod are quite lengthy, but they - and the mod itself - are worth a closer look just to see how far the Dark Souls modding community has come.

Playing through these mods should be more than enough to help PC players stave off the wait for Elden Ring. This fan-made content alone can warrant hundreds of hours in playtime, even with the smaller mods that simply change around some enemy placements. Whether or not you’re a die-hard fan or just someone excited for the newest FromSoftware title, I highly recommend you check out these mods for some incredible Dark Souls experiences.

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