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Among the Fells

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Alice came down to breakfast on that Christmas morning at Vavasor Hall without making any sign as to the letter she had received. The party there consisted of her grandfather, her father, her cousin Kate, and herself. They all made their Christmas salutations as is usual, and Alice received and made hers as did the others, without showing that anything had occurred to disturb her tranquillity. Kate remarked that she had heard that morning from Aunt Greenow, and promised to show Alice the letter after breakfast. But Alice said no word of her own letter. "Why didn't your aunt come here to eat her Christmas dinner?" said the Squire. "Perhaps, sir, because you didn't ask her," said Kate, standing close to her grandfather,—for the old man was somewhat deaf. "And why didn't you ask her;—that is, if she stands upon asking to come to her old home?" "Nay, sir, but I couldn't do that without your bidding. We Vavasors are not always fond of meeting each other."
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Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope was a novelist.

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