Amazon Faces Legal Action in Pennsylvania for Consumer Protection Violationsby@linakhantakesamazon

Amazon Faces Legal Action in Pennsylvania for Consumer Protection Violations

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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is suing Amazon for alleged unfair trade practices and consumer protection law violations. Amazon's diverse range of services, from online retail to cloud computing, is at the center of the lawsuit. The Pennsylvania Attorney General seeks to prevent and restrain these alleged violations in the public interest.

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FTC v. Amazon Court Filing, retrieved on Sep 26, 2023, is part of HackerNoon’s Legal PDF Series. You can jump to any part in this filing here. This is part 74 of 80.

A. Pennsylvania’s Unfair Trade Practices And Consumer Protection Law

527. Plaintiff Commonwealth of Pennsylvania repeats and re-alleges and incorporates by reference each and every paragraph and allegation of this Complaint as if fully set forth herein.

528. Amazon’s lines of business ranging from online retail, media, cloud computing, grocery stores, advertising and logistics and operational services are offered to consumers through their substantial online presence as well as physical locations in the case of grocery stores. By engaging in the conduct more fully described herein with respect to these products and services, Amazon is engaging in trade or commerce that has directly or indirectly harmed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania consumers within the meaning of 73 P.S. § 201-2(3) of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law (“PUTPCPL”).

529. The Pennsylvania Attorney General has reason to believe that Amazon is using or is about to use any method, act or practice in violation of 73 P.S. § 201-3 and it is in the public interest to prevent and restrain the use of such methods, acts or practices under 73 P.S. § 201-4.

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