AI in Fitness: Top 10 AI-based Personal Trainersby@Gautam
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AI in Fitness: Top 10 AI-based Personal Trainers

by Gautam RaturiJuly 31st, 2020
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The arrival of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry is gradually making a change in people’s lifestyles. About 3/4th of adults worldwide do not exercise at all. AI is revolutionizing the fitness worlds by making fitness equipment smarter and encouraging home workouts. Here, we have mentioned the top 10 AI personal trainers, their exceptional features, and working.Check them out below: Top 10 AI-based personal trainers with exceptional features and has compiled a list of top 10.

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Health is wealth- we all refer to this old saying to highlight the importance of health and fitness in our lives. But how many of us do actually have a fitness routine? Digging deeper into the facts; approximately 3/4th of adults worldwide do not exercise at all. In fact, inadequate physical activity has been identified as one of the main risk factors of death worldwide over the past decade.

Be it the lack of time, premium gym/fitness club membership charges, or any other excuse, not paying attention to your fitness can lead to many health issues. But the arrival of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry is gradually making a change in people’s lifestyles.

Yes, AI is revolutionizing the fitness worlds by making fitness equipment smarter and encouraging home workouts. Besides the smart wearable (Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more) that can help you to track your fitness, AI-based personal trainers are also becoming popular at an unprecedented rate. Those who have been using AI-based personal trainers might be aware of this new concept in the fitness world, but people who are amateurs must be feeling curious about the same.

No matter which category of people you fall, this article is worth a read. Here, we have mentioned the top 10 AI personal trainers, their exceptional features, and working.

Check them out below:

1. Vi Trainer

It is a fitness running coach that harnesses the potential of artificial intelligence to tell you a complete running plan. To create such a plan, users have to answer questions to enter their gender, age, fitness goals, body type, and other information. After analyzing the provided info, Vi then creates a customized workout plan and monitors your performance during the exercise.

The trainer comes up with biosensing headphones to collect biometric data, including heart rate, training history, and more. The AI-based personal trainer responds to users’ workouts and surroundings in real-time.

2. VAY Fitness Coach

Like Kaia, the VAY fitness coach provides its users specific exercise plans and guides them through training to achieve their fitness goals. VAY uses the front camera of your smartphone to monitor your performance and then make changes to the workout plan. It also delivers audio feedback in real-time.

3. Fitbod

Depending on a specific user’s goals and progress, it provides personalized workout plans. This AI-based personal trainer uses various algorithms and leverages machine learning to make changes to the plan for desired results. Fitbod creates a personalized exercise plan after a user answers the questionnaire, including body type, fitness goals, and the availability of the fitness equipment.

The workout plan shows a user the right exercises with the number of sets and repetitions that needed to be done to achieve the goals.

4. Aaptiv Coach

Aaptiv Coach is a well-renowned personal trainer that offers personalized fitness and lifestyle plans. To create a customized plan, Aaptiv needs to be fed with a few details like eating habits, fitness goals, and current fitness level. It also collects data from wearable or smart devices such as a fitness tracker.

By analyzing the complete data, this personal trainer provides you daily, weekly, or monthly personalized exercise to achieve your goals.

5. Kaia Personal Trainer

It is a full-body virtual personal training application capable of tracking exercises, count sets and repetitions, and creating a personal fitness plan. By observing the workout, this AI personal trainer also provides audio feedback in real-time. Kaia merges personalized training and motion tracking to create a personalized full-body workout plan for its users. After opening the installed app, a user has to stand 7 feet away from the smartphone camera.

Kaia will show the instructions to help you exercise with the right posture. The app has a 16 point system to track a user’s physical activity and compare the same with ideal movement, angles, and positions to correct the posture, if required.

6. Millie Fit

Developed by AI startup TwentyBN, Millie Fit understands more than ten different exercises and twenty HIIT exercises. To offer you a variety of workout plans, this AI-based personal trainer leverages NLP or Natural Language Processing. It uses your phone’s front camera to ensure flexibility, balance, and alignment while you do a particular exercise. Millie Fit also offers real-time audio feedback to make you improve your performance.

7. SpartanApps Coach

SpartanApps Coach is an AI assistant that creates personalized fitness plans after asking its user a few questions, such as current fitness level, body type, gender, fitness goals, etc. The AI personal assistant keeps on tracking your progress to change the training plans accordingly. You can choose to get a personalized plan for increasing strength, working on endurance, building muscles, and shedding off that extra fat.

8. infiGro

This highly advanced AI-based personal trainer instructs, analyzes, and encourages you to do various exercises according to your present fitness level and fitness goals. Apart from getting personalized workout or training plans, you can also track nutrition by providing the required information.

9. Artifit

The main aim of this AI fitness coach is to make its users active, fit, and healthy. For this, it offers personalized fitness training that can be done anywhere anytime. Artifit makes your smartphone a personal fitness trainer that utilizes computer vision to track your fitness techniques. Like the other famous personal trainers, Artifit also gives you real-time audio feedback. It also keeps a record of your workout history and analytics.

10. Gymfitty

Gymfitty uses complex algorithms to provide personalized workout and training plans to its users. Instead of being stuffed with hundreds of workouts, this personal trainer offers smart workouts to achieve fitness goals. Users have to enter a few details like body type, gender, current fitness level, future goals, and more to get a customized plan.

Get one of these AI personal trainers and start your fitness journey today!

Final Words

The arrival of artificial intelligence, mainly the AI personal trainers, in the fitness world, is inspiring people to stay fit without even stepping a single step out of their homes. AI fitness coaches, such as Vi Trainer, VAY Fitness Coach, Fitbod, Aaptiv Coach, Kaia Personal Trainer, Millie Fit, Spartan Apps, infiGro, Artifit, and Gymfitty. If you, too, are looking out for the easiest way to stay fit with home workouts, then hold the hand of these AI-enabled personal trainers.