AI-Based Framework for Agile Project
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AI-Based Framework for Agile Project Management.

by Sandeep AspariAugust 24th, 2019
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AI has immense potential in improving and speeding up the accuracy of the software application development process. The companies are interested in investing in AI to enhance its profitability. Let us see the various benefits of AI for Agile Project Management. The best thing about AI is that there is no knowledge encoding in fact, the output are the results that are the exciting and strange patterns that are that are hard for humans to recognize and execute. AI has changed the software development process by revealing the perception and execution of software software.

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AI has immense potential in improving and speeding up the accuracy of the software application development process. It has made a significant important contribution in software application development, mainly AI focus on increasing the efficiency of the project. Concerning these benefits, the companies are interested in investing in AI to enhance its profitability.  

From the decades, AI has proven its excellence in various industries. From the robots to the manufacturing industry to the stock movements and currency predicting to traders, AI has become part of our lives. In today’s time, enterprises are using AI to automate the daily routine work, and it makes possible the things which we considered as impossible. Let us see the various benefits of AI for Agile Project Management

AI benefits for Agile project management: 

At present, major application components like data management and software interface use regular software. However, here, we can explain how AI is embedded in the software development life cycle. 

Quick Prototyping: Before AI came into existence, it used to take much time to convert the client business requirements into technology. But today, AI reduces the developing time and completes the process efficiently.  

Risk Estimation: In software development, while making important decisions on risk estimation is very complex and factors in scheduling and budgeting constraints. After starting the projects, inter dependencies and external environment create probability scenarios. As a human, we have a limited capacity to store and replicate the data.

AI allows you to collect the parameter data as per on-demand. With the AI models, we can collect data of a project from start to end dates. By this way, you can get a realistic schedule for the current developing project.

Analytics and Error Handling: AI-based coding assistance is easily identified the historical data patterns and common human errors. During the development, if we make such error, then coding assistance will make flag this. After deployment of application AI can be used to analyze the flag and log errors that could be fixed. This makes application developers proactively in rectify the errors. Maybe in future AI will independently correct the application errors without the involvement of humans.

Coding Assistants: Hardly AI in software development, most of the developers spent their time on code debugging and documentation. However, introducing smart code assistants with AI, developers can obtain quick feedback and also code-based recommendations. With this, we can save a lot of time. The best example for code assistants is pythons kite and javas codota

Strategic Decisions: Developers spent more time on prioritizing and discussing the product features. A trained AI model with data of past development projects can assess how the application will perform, assist engineering teams and business leaders in recognizing the maximum impact and minimum risk.

Precise Estimates: The application development field is a better example of exceeding the timeline and budget. So, to build a sensible budget estimate. It is essential to have a deep understanding of both the team and context, which stands to be dominant in predicting budget and effort.

Auto Coding Refactoring: It is also essential to make clean code then its established secure collaboration. Refactoring is necessary for maintaining the sanitary code. To resolve this, AI is used to analyze the code for better results.   

AI for Project Planning: The human brains are an incredibly excellent knowledge powerhouse, and all have different physical capabilities from one other. In any circumstances, no two people will have the exact views on the same work. By replacing Machine Learning, we can create various combos of the same situation and execute it correctly. 

Project Resource Management: Delivering any IT project depends on the right people working on the project. With the integration of AI into the projects, we can get real-time information of the developers who are working on other projects. And it gives precise information about the developers who are available for deployment. Based on AI integration, we can decrease or increase the number of developers for a project.

Based on the project structure, AI will assign developers and run the project as quickly as possible by providing the required skills and knowledge. AI makes on board and delivers project very speedily.  

Why AI is important

If you distribute the ideal workloads using AI, then you ensure that throughout the year you will use your developers 100 %. Additionally, to automate the human repetitive tasks, you can save time and observe the project effectively. 

How will AI change the build software? 

In AI, The software developers don’t give any instruction steps or actions. The ML itself only it collects accurate data and starts working on it.

The AI recognize the pattern in the data, which is very important for decision making. The Machine algorithm compares the data with its database and makes the right decisions. The best thing about AI is that there is no knowledge encoding; in fact, the output results are cover the exciting and strange patterns that are hard for humans to recognize.

AI has changed the software development process by revealing human definition, perception and program execution. Google’s Pete Warden also believe that most of the IT jobs don’t require the programming in the present decade. 

Generally in traditional approach developers are specific steps clearly to a computer with the help of programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc., After building the code there is QA testing which involves code test, after getting clearances from their end, code will be deployed. While in the ML development model, developers specify list and problems what they want to achieve prepare the data, collect the data, and feed the data into the Machine learning algorithm, manage, integrate and deploy the model.


Since 1956, AI has become essential to business success, and many companies are automating their human-related tasks with AI. AI in agile development provides better results for the business. With the integration of AI in software development, we can make a reliable budget, 100 percent utilization rate, development environment and error detection in production and code refactor suggestions.