Adventure of Humans in the World of Mess: Automation To The Rescue by@steffi.Netizen

Adventure of Humans in the World of Mess: Automation To The Rescue


Life has become so exhausting and the situation is never changing.

We are paddling towards a future where confusion will be the new clarity. There will be everlasting longing within us to remain drained and drowsy with all the busy schedule. It’s incredible how we humans are capable of staying addicted to things that give us pain. It’s beautiful how we are able to ignore the positives and consider only the negatives.
Keeping our desks filled with shiny stuff that projects our personality has become the only way we want others to learn us. We are so willing to define ourselves by faking our nature regardless of how fragile and calm we are from the inside. Our thirst for success has gone so far where in the end it only shows us how much we have missed.
All the things we feel and know but would never dare to go against, cause all that matters is,
  • Are we happy doing them?
  • Does it relieve us from the pressure of worrying about the future wellness?
  • Does it help us evolve?
  • Are all this mess the reason we have come so far, the growth and the life we own now?
Probably yes!
And that’s enough to be doing what we want. But it’s important we know where and when to pause and resume.
“Wellness is determined by the time we take out for ourselves also it’s not a one day hack”
Grinding for 8 months and breaking off the cycle wouldn’t work cause you’ve subconsciously gotten into the habit of being engaged with things constantly. Taking a break just doesn’t happen. Rather we give it a thought while there’s still a chance. Stand a chance to invest time on things that excite and rejuvenate you.
Leverage technology on good terms.
Image Source: Pixabay
At your home where waking up in the morning is so unachievable ask Alexa to do it. Don’t over analyse your humane feelings, your mum is just isn’t ready to wake you up anymore, she’s tired and she’s happy now there’s Alexa to do it. Well now, it’s time you go for your morning jog, but your attention has dipped to zero, so go wired with the Spotify and give jogging through a lengthy road a shot. You’re back home, up for a quick breakfast, your Griffin Toaster already making it.
Next in the list is to go through your day’s agenda and that’s when all the mess become even messier, super uncomfortable and lost in the space of data overload. You’ve no idea where you business is getting at.
Well, how would you deal with it?
Your business is your everything cause it feeds you and helps you survive. Yet it becomes harder when managing a business goes out of hand. Approaching a specific problem without any clarity is naive and will often lead to distress and failure. Though there could be a minimal rate of success when you shoot in the dark but for any business to make success a habit, tactical steps are more than just necessary.
You learn by falling, gather both the success and failure metrics. Identify the statistical significance to know how effective were your efforts. Figure out the pattern which helps visualize what’s contributing to the attained success. When the pattern is in hand, data is all crunched, it’s time we forge ahead making the pattern occur predominantly in the right time and at the right pace.
Image Source: Pixabay
Automation does things just the way you want it. Carries out the pattern automatically without nudging you for help when you’re creating your next interesting piece of art sitting on a cozy Starbucks couch.
No matter your buyer has to make the final purchase payment who lives on the other side of the world, you can automate your billing process and boom there goes a notification without intervening your creative cycle. You got a team of 300 employees spread across different timezones (must remind you of Zapier), best way they catch up with all their tasks is via automated task management system.
We have got it all. All that’s missing is, our ability to make conscious decisions and to leverage the positive aspects of technology.
Hoping this shifts your mentality to making the best out of technology instead of giving in to your reckless desire to live a busy life.
The End.
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