Adopting The Dynamics of NFTs To Raise Cancer Awarenessby@tfw
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Adopting The Dynamics of NFTs To Raise Cancer Awareness

by AndreiaSeptember 8th, 2022
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Tutti Frutti Women is a 10,000-unique NFT project powered by ERC-721A smart contract code. The project will showcase itself for public minting at a price of 0.03ETH and some considerate gas fees on the 23rd of September 2022. Only 10 NFTs are stated in the "Legendary" category, and only 10 are listed in the 'Legendary' category. While the project donates 10% of its sales to Women Cancer Support Organizations, they will also create a fund dedicated to holders or their family members to encourage the prevention of cancer.

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It has been stated that NFTs and the associated industry have a lot to present to the world. From featuring artistic designs to presenting utility to brands, NFTs have come a long way.

To adopt it globally, NFTs must be embedded across our social networks. The tangible use of these assets will present the world with a resourceful entry into this digital innovation. This is what has been adopted by Tutti Frutti Women, a 10,000-unique NFTs collection.

Tutti Frutti Women is a women-led NFT project that has presented an ingenious mission of inducing into a progressive social mission of providing women a platform for empowering and raising awareness who have gone through cancer treatment.

Why cancer awareness matters?

Cancer awareness is the key to early detection and better health-seeking
behaviour. Cancer is common in both developing as well as developed
countries, but awareness is yet poor among the general population. Poor
awareness may lead to poor uptake of screening modalities and delay in

As per WHO, the most common causes of cancer death in 2020 were:
lung (1.80 million deaths); colon and rectum (916k deaths); liver (830k
deaths); stomach (769k deaths); breast (685k deaths).

Many cancers can be cured if detected early and treated effectively, that's
why cancer awareness is so important.

Cancer impacts people of all ethnicities, sexual identities, and economic
backgrounds. Although cancer prevention and treatment strategies have
improved over the years, cancer diagnoses appear to be rising.

How TFW contributes?

Tutti Frutti Women use the power of the NFT ecosystem to connect people from different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different expertise to whom they share knowledge, guidance and stories related to cancer.

As part of this mission, cancer survivors, warriors, experts in the field and
advocates will be onboarded to share knowledge and their stories to
empower other warriors and to raise cancer awareness among the Web3

Empowerment through art

This collection, which consists of 10,000 unique NFTs, stands in solidarity
with the warriors who lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

Tutti Frutti Women have no hair, but a colorful and fruity head instead.
The fruit trait is a mandatory element that couldn’t be missed from any
Tutti Frutti Women’s head. And this is because it represents the beauty
of women who lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

Usually, the hair is seen as something sensual, attractive, beautiful, and
also intimate for some people. Once the warriors are losing their hair, they are facing lots of emotional feelings and insecurities.

Tutti Frutti Women would like to remind them that beauty comes from
inside and that the head is a source of ideas, of feelings, of the power
to walk through the journey.

Staying positive during such challenges can be difficult but at the same time, it can only contribute to a colorful and fruitful journey.

Empowerment through donation

Financial donations are important to cancer organizations and the people and programs they support, including research to advance new treatments.

Therefore, Tutti Frutti Women will donate 10% of the sales to a Cancer
Support Organization decided by its holders.

Empowerment through Fruity Fund

The community is core to the mission of Tutti Frutti Women. Being a
holder of one NFT comes with its one perks, such as access to the fruity

The fruity fund concept is to empower the holders or/and a family member who has been affected by cancer and to encourage the prevention of cancer and kickstarting in the right direction during early detections.

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