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Actually an Awesome truth of the Positive Reality — MVP

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MVP — Minimum Viable Product is one of the term coming on your way often now. What is a MVP? First, a definition. The minimum viable product is that version of a new product which allows a team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with the least effort.

Real time scenario now. Customers says,”Give me a set of features… X, Y,Z..”. We do what they want. Sometimes we take our own path and conflict the interest. Soon we end up in trouble. The focus has to be set right from the beginning. Customers will have two type of constraints in product life cycle. It will be either or both, time and money. One way out to solve the riddle is MVP.

The Idea:

By MVP the high level goal can be to Validate the idea or remove the doubts about assumptions. There is no point in building a high cost unusable product. It easy to test water/market with a MVP. Thats why most of the entrepreneurs or product owners take this path. Fact is some times even for better products there won’t be any paying customers. We have to move on.

The Bucket:

Ok, now we agree to build a MVP. What functionalities are going to be part of MVP? Thats always a big question. We may feel that our product customers needs all functionalities we think about. We might be uncomfortable to remove any features from MVP bucket. Educating about MVP is the key. All features are good to have, but not on MVP stage. It’s important to ensure that an MVP can be “minimal” set of major dream. In fact it doesn’t have to be a “Product” also.

The Craft:

Functionalities listed for in-scope. Timeline fixed and agreed. Generally timeline will be anywhere between 6–12 weeks. Now we have to speed up the development. Best way is to find all the possible tools & products which could be integrated. Right platform, right tools, right third party products will help to reach MVP goals sooner. Sometimes we might end up building a throw-away stuff. That’s Ok too. The GOAL is just to verify the idea and test the market.

The Secret:

Its not necessary, we have to reuse the code of MVP for main product. It will be Good if we can do so. Most of the times we might need better architecture when we go for real product. MVP not only helps to learn about the idea, but also technology. On right path, MVP will help to decide the technical nuts & bolts of the product too.

To Conclude:

Simple but sweet…..What a well designed MVP will do ?. It will focus on presenting customers ONLY with a identified solution . Next by seeing if they shows intent to BUY. Non tangible benefit, you would know about technical items too.

Did you ever build an MVP. Share your experience in the comments please.

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on April 23, 2015.

Would love to hear your comments and experience on this topic…

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