Sean Murray is a founder and the Managing Director of Hello Games. He serves as a programmer on No Man's Sky. He is also known in-game as HELLOGAMES - SEAN. The following bio appears on the official Hello Games website: Hello! I'm the Managing Director here at Hello Games. I'm from Ireland originally but moved about a bit โ€“ including a few years in Australia growing up (apparently leaving me with a confused accent). My gateway computer was an Amstrad CPC, but I was really an Amiga boy from pretty early on. I wrote my first game when I was about six years old (it was a text adventure and it was unsurprisingly terrible). I tend to fall for arcadey, pure games that I can play with friends โ€“ classics are definitely Micro Machines, Mario Kart, Super Monkey Ball and Excitebike (I have a theory that I'm the greatest Mario Kart Battle player who has ever lived โ€“ unproven). My degree was straight Computer Science which generally frowned on anything games related. Becoming a game developer from there was definitely my dream job. I've worked bunch of places โ€“ before this I was a Tech Director at Kuju and worked lots of games including Burnout 3 and Black at Criterion as a Technical Lead. In 2000, Murray received his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from University College Cork, a constituent university of National University of Ireland located in Cork, Ireland. In 2001, Murray began working as a lead programmer for Criterion Games, developer of the Burnout Series, and became technical director of independent developer Kuju in 2006. He stayed at Kuju until founding Hello Games with a few of his friends in March 2008.











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