I have been in Tech for more than seven years. I have experience as a front-end developer and mobile developer. Also, I managed people as Team Lead(6 people) and Product Manager(9 people). As a software engineer, I worked on complex projects like MyOffice Web Editor (Text, Spreadsheets, and Presentation editors). My experience includes solving challenges with Mapbox, experiments with third-party integrations in React, and achievements in scaling Next.js apps in Nicity Inc. My passion is making maintainable apps. Also, I participate in startups in leadership positions. For example, I launched the mobile app Remild(B2C), managing a team with nine members. I built two strong front-end teams from scratch that met deadlines and had a transparent state for stakeholders. The last time it was in PropTech startup Nicity Inc. Because I see the whole process of creating products from different sides(business, design, and technology), I comprehend trade-offs. Therefore, I prefer using modern leadership approaches, standard UX rules, suitable technologies, and data-driven development to create considered apps.

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